Best Air Cleaners for Harley Sportster

Best Air Cleaner for Harley Sportster 2023

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What you are looking for is a stock performance with an aftermarket body design. There are many quality air cleaners in the market. Nevertheless, making the right choice is a daunting task. This is why we have brought you a selection of the best air cleaners for Harley Sportster. 

Some of our select cleaners will also add extra torque and horsepower to your ride at an inexpensive price. All of these air cleaners have an exceptional design to best suit your marvelous ride. Moreover, most of them are washable so that the quality of air is maintained and the longevity of the bike is improved. 

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best air cleaners for Harley Sportster 

1. K&N 63-1126 Harley Davidson Performance Intake Kit

Best Air Cleaners for Harley Sportster

This can easily be considered the best air cleaner for Harley Sportster. Best of all, it is compatible with almost all Harley models from the year 2007 to 2014. This air cleaner is most popular for its high-quality performance. Such excellent performance is mainly owed to its exceptional ability to increase the horsepower of your ride while also improving its throttle response and molding the sound of its engine. 

This is a cone-shaped model and serves as a perfect replacement to the factory-made cleaners for these bikes. The best quality performance is a result of the special mandrel-bent aluminum intake tubes which have been specifically engineered to render the most outstanding improvements in airflow. The unobstructed flow of air in these tubes also helps in providing additional torque to the bike. 

The performance of all equipment relies on its construction. The air charger for this cleaner is made out of a unique aluminum throttle-body mounting plate. All hardware required for mounting the device is supplied along. Moreover, this air filter is washable and can be comfortably reused. You can rely upon it for up to one million miles. 

Also, this air filter is superbly easy to install and looks great with its black finish. Appropriate for rough paths and hard drives on the monster bike, this air filter is so much popular for good reason.

  • This excellent quality air cleaner serves to add more torque and horsepower to your Harley
  • Even the throttle response and the overall sound of the engine is enhanced
  • The black finish is supremely attractive
  • This air filter is also washable and can be reused
  • You can go up to a million miles while relying on this filter
  • These filters are also very easy to install 
  • Users report that the finish quality is not adequate


This classic air cleaner is considered the best quality replacement for the factory-made air cleaners employed in your Harley. This will best suit the ultimate rough driver who wants a significant improvement in horsepower and lesser installation hassle. 

2. Spike Air Cleaner Filter Kit for Harley S&S Custom Cv Evo XI Sportster 

Spike Air Cleaner Filter Kit for Harley S&S Custom Cv Evo XI Sportster 

Riders consider this to be the most well-designed air cleaner for Harley Sportster. This is essential because the design is too wild to be unnoticeable. Matte black in coloration, it goes exceptionally well along with matte black Harleys. The design may as well be described as gothic. The features are as intriguing as they can be.

The overall construction of these air cleaners involves the use of aluminum.  The bullet design is quite dark in coloration as well as appearance. Such that the gothic appearance might be a little scary to kids. There is a complete 360 degree slotted spike cover constructed out of excellent quality billet aluminum. 

Moreover, the filter is washable and red for the best contrast. This cleaner is also very easy to install. You may get it installed professionally if you want, but there are adequate spike cones and set screws to complete the task on your own. 

  • These air cleaners are constructed out of the best quality aluminum for the ultimate strength, longevity, and suitability for the given function
  • The dark, gothic design provides an outstanding appearance to your Harley
  • These cleaners have a unique bullet design
  • The filter is washable
  • The installation is easy and can be accomplished on one’s own
  • The fit of this cleaner is often problematic


These superior quality air cleaners from Spike are ultimate in performance and reliable. The gothic design is quite exceptional in appearance and the overall construction is also dependable. These cleaners are also easy to install.

3. Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage I Air Filter Kit 

Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage I Air Filter Kit 

This is the most well-recommended air cleaner kit for a reason. This long time bestseller will certainly enhance your torque by about 21 percent. The unique engineered design is meant to provide maximum airflow throughout owing to its special one-piece billet backing plate. 

Best of all, this backing plate is also equipped with the Arlen Ness patent Hidden Breather technology. This Big Sucker will significantly improve your performance and boost your morale on the beast. The throttle for this cleaner has a head and exit 0-rings to reduce the usage of external hardware or hoses in the design. This will be a single flow dependable upgrade. 

The backing plates for this cleaner have a smooth radius air inlet that can supply complete and unrestricted flow of air through the filter and into the engine. Also, there are two excellent options to choose from. These variants differ in the medium of the filter employed. 

The pre-oiled cotton filter is washable and can be reused. The black synthetic filter comes encased in a stainless steel jacket and does not use oil. 

  • These cleaners are built to supply the maximum airflow to the engine without any restriction
  • The use of external hardware for the maintenance of flow has been eliminated
  • The one-piece backing plate for this cleaner is equipped with a unique and patented hidden breather technology
  • Two different filter media can be employed in these cleaners
  • This air cleaner may not be the most attractive option but it is the best in performance 
  • Some users report that the plates and the bolts are not adequately sturdy


Get ready for the most efficient and reliable performance with the best quality air cleaners you can get. Coming with an option to choose amongst two different filter media, these filters best deliver an uninterrupted flow of air for the best enhancement of torque.

4. Vance & Hines Naked XL883N VO2 Air Intake 

Vance & Hines Naked XL883N VO2 Air Intake 

Best suitable for Harley models from the year 2015 to 2018, these are regarded as the best performing air cleaners ever. No other contender will provide you the OEM feels in an after-market design as well as this one. This stock performance maintains the feel of driving an original Harley unstoppably. 

These cleaners come with the original filter cover so that the fitting is truly accurate. You can always go for a well-designed after-market filter cover to boost up the appearance of your ride. These air cleaners are reliable in performance owing to their best improvement in airflow. Moreover, the high flow filter is washable. Even the backing plate for these cleaners is larger than usual and the Venturi is CNC machined.

  • The airflow for these cleaners is effectively enhanced
  • The performance is well-meant to provide the best quality riding experience
  • The backing plate is large for a more reliable performance
  • The Venturi is CNC machined
  • These cleaners provide stock performance while being in an aftermarket body 
  • Users report that the mounting bolts are not good in quality


This air cleaner is exactly what you need. The best quality stock performance is accompanied by a glorious aftermarket design. Moreover, reliability is excellent and well verified by consumers.

5. Bullet Air Cleaner Filter Kits for Harley S&S Custom Cv Evo Xl Sportster Chrome 

Bullet Air Cleaner Filter Kits for Harley S&S Custom Cv Evo Xl Sportster Chrome 

This is the best-selling air cleaner kit for a reason. This air cleaner is not just well-to-do in performance, it is also excellent in appearance. Made out of chrome-plated aluminum, the high-quality spike cover is a complete 360 degree. 

The K&N KN-SP3301 model filter is washable. The whole frame is built out of the best quality aluminum and the bullet design is quite extravagant. The chrome polished finish and the gothic design make it ultimate in appearance. 

While it is recommended that you get these cleaners installed by a professional, you can easily install them on your own. 

  • The superior aluminum construction for these filters allows the best quality performance
  • The bullet design is exceptional in appearance
  • The filter is washable
  • The installation is relatively easy 
  • Some users report that holes for this cleaner don't line up properly


This superbly attractive and well-performing set of air cleaners is probably the best choice if you are an appearance enthusiast, especially if you drool over gothic looks. 


The five best quality air cleaners listed above have proven to be ultimate in performance as well as design. Your final choice may be guided by your choice of appearance and intricacies in design. Watch these babies boost the performance of your bike like nothing else. Vroom! 

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