Best Air Filter for 6.7 Cummins

5 Best Air Filter for 6.7 Cummins in 2023

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Air filters serve to increase the longevity of your engine by reducing the penetration of toxic particles. Dirt and dust particles can cause real harm to your truck engine’s efficiency. You require good quality air filters to reduce the influx of harmful particles and increase your vehicle’s overall performance.

Because they are so many options to choose from, finding the perfect set of air filters can be difficult. We have brought you the best air filter for 6.7 Cummins. An added advantage of these filters is that they can be very well used after being thoroughly washed. The free flow of air further improves the engine’s ultimate performance. 

All of our selected air filters are perfect for daily use. You can further add cold air intake to the setup and feel more comfortable. Our best quality air filters may require a bit more retention than the usual air filters.

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The best air filters for 6.7 Cummins 


1. S&B Filters 75-5068 Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram Cummins

best air filters for 6.7 Cummins 

This is amongst the most popular air filters for a very obvious reason. The best quality performance and efficiency of this filter is absolutely incomparable. The advanced improvised design provides a great deal of improvement in airflow. Moreover, it is also quite easy to install.

The quality of this superior air filter can be best described by its eight unique layers made of cleanable cotton material. This special construction provides the maximum efficiency in the filtration process. This excellent filtration method renders high-quality of performance and reliability to the engines equipped with them. 

Furthermore, there are two inlets in this filter so that more air can be capacitated than usual. There is also a provision of utilizing only one of the inlets when you are driving through a more polluted place. You can absolutely rely upon this filter’s quality of construction. 

The premium silicone material used in these filters has the tendency to stay unaffected, unlike usual materials that get easily cracked. Moreover, the overall durability and the effective tear strength of this material is quite high. This material can also withstand very high temperatures. Rest assured that there wouldn’t occur any cracks, disconnection, or a sliding accident with this filter.

Also, the mass airflow sensor in this filter helps in the maintenance of cool airflow. You don’t have to keep a constant eye on the filter and stay confident of its effective tuning.

  • This filter serves to provide the best possible performance and great efficiency
  • The enhanced airflow provides more capacity than usual filters
  • The filtration quality is excellent owing to the eight unique layers of cleanable material
  • The premium silicone employed in construction provides better durability and resilience
  • This filter maintains cool airflow and doesn’t need your constant supervision
  • The installation is simple and requires one hour at maximum



This popular and widely trusted air filter provides the most unique performance and incomparable efficiency to your engine. Its installation is quite easy and the construction is very durable and reliable. 


2. S&B Dry Extendable Filter Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram Cummins 

S&B Dry Extendable Filter Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram Cummins 

This well-known air filter is especially popular for its unique engineered structure that serves to increase the airflow by as much as 44.98 percent. The engine of your vehicle ought to stay protected with such a capacity. Moreover, reliable silicone construction ensures the longevity of this filter. Be assured that you choose the best international standards when you choose this one.

The efficiency of your engine will be enhanced by as much as 99.20 percent. Due to the presence of a secondary inlet, the airflow for your vehicle will be dramatically improved. The absence of restrictions is hugely beneficial to the engine’s overall performance. Furthermore, the airbox helps protect this filter from damage by heat and dirt.

The excellent protection from heating damage is also ensured by the special rubber lid. You don’t have to check the engine light as frequently. It is possible to depend upon the mass airflow sensor that alerts you when required. Best of all, these filters can sustain the highest temperatures owing to the tolerant and reliable silicone construction. 

The silicone material will not crack, flake, or slide even upon a high friction surface. You can absolutely rely upon the quality of performance of this filter owing to the internationally accepted ISO 5011 standard it is certified with. This unique filter is endowed with the dependable testing of airflow, capacity, and efficiency.

  • The finely engineered structure of this filter ensures an increase in capacity by as much as 44.98 percent
  • The silicone construction is capable of sustaining high temperatures
  • The durability and resilience of silicone is very much reliable
  • Internationally accepted test certifications further enhance the dependability of this air filter
  • Even the installation is simple
  • Lesser maintenance is required as compared to other filters

  • Some users complain that this air filter is quite noisy


This unique engineered air filter gives the best possible efficiency to your engine by dramatically enhancing the airflow. The silicone construction ensures a longer lifespan. Moreover, the international standard certification proves the utmost reliability.


3. aFe Power Dodge Diesel Trucks Performance Intake System for 6.7 L Cummins 

aFe Power Dodge Diesel Trucks Performance Intake System for 6.7 L Cummins 

This is amongst the most recommended, popular, reliable, and affordable air filters. It is a triple-layered dry filter that serves to improve the performance of your engine while also being absolutely durable. Adequate protection of the engine is ensured by the cleaning function of this air filter that prevents contaminants from causing damage. 

This filter is also known for its most easy installation. This is a single-piece product and doesn’t require any complicated assembly. Furthermore, the maintenance requirement is also minimal. Also, this is amongst the few air filters that are also safe for the environment.

  • The durable and reliable construction ensures the longevity of this air filter
  • Adequate protection of the engine is ensured by the dependable cleaning action of this filter
  • No special assembly is required for installation as this is a single-piece product
  • The performance of the vehicle’s engine is enhanced and the environmental damage is reduced
  • The material of construction can also sustain high temperature
  • Users report that the packaging quality for these filters is not adequate 


This superior quality air filter is as reliable as it can be while also being very affordable. It is very durable and ensures the best protection of the engine from contaminants. Also, it is amongst the few air filters that are environmentally safe.


4. Sinister Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram Cummins 

Sinister Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram Cummins 

The excellent air filter by Sinister is a promise to the enhancement of your engine’s performance. While being totally reliable and durable, it is also quite stable. The unique CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubing enhances the stability of this filter.

Furthermore, silicone couplers improve the filter’s reliability. You’ll also notice a commendable improvement in the fuel efficiency and the acceleration of your engine. Overall, you’ll have the smoothest driving experience with this filter in place. 

All the more, the renewable cotton medium for this filter makes it perfectly reusable. 

  • This air filter can significantly enhance your engine’s performance
  • The best quality construction ensures longevity
  • The stability of this filter is excellent owing to the CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubing
  • The durability of the filter is further improved by the silicone couplers
  • This filter serves to improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and acceleration
  • The installation process is easy

  • This filter requires frequent tuning 


This best quality air filter will definitely boost your engine’s performance. Also, its longevity is quite dependable. The CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubing provides absolute stability. And it is very easy to install.


5. Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake for Dodge Cummins 6.7 L 

Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake for Dodge Cummins 6.7 L 

Best enhance your vehicle’s performance with this ultimately durable and long-lasting air filter that is also made to look supremely attractive. It's simple design also makes the installation process easy. 

The fit and stability is perfected by the presence of a CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubing. Even beginners can easily install these filters because they don’t require any extra tools or hardware. Furthermore, the presence of an oversized oil filter medium makes them adequately reusable. 

The silicone coupler further improves the reliability of these filters. The glossy polish and the blue powder coating gives it a fantastic appearance. The probability of corrosion damage is also reduced by the paint. The performance is best maintained by the special tuner.

  • The attractive appearance of these filters makes them stand out
  • The performance is excellent and reliable
  • The installation is not at all difficult
  • The durability is excellent and these filters last long enough
  • Users report that these filters require regular maintenance and personalized tuning 


This is the most attractive air filter you can get for your dodge Cummins. While being excellent in appearance, it is also durable in structure and easy to install. 




You’ll probably undertake a lot of thinking before deciding upon the best air filter for 6.7 Cummins. We have brought you the essentially reliable air filters that promise a boost in performance as well as longevity of your engine. Get set for the smoothest drives and the heartiest adventures.