Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500 

5 best ball joints for dodge ram 2500 (Review 2022)

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The ball joint is an integral component of your truck's steering system that serves to keep your vehicle aligned. Lying in between the steering knuckle and the control arm, a good quality ball joint is essential for a smooth and noise-free motion. Especially while driving on uneven pathways, you require unworn parts to avoid  the feeling of riding in a buggy. 

These parts are not easy to find. We have spent ample time in analyzing all available options to get you the best ball joints for dodge ram 2500. While these parts will not necessarily fit all vehicles the best, they do serve excellently for most. Our selected ball joints uphold a promise to run for at least a million miles. 

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best ball joints for dodge ram 2500 

1. Carli Suspension DBJP

best ball joints for dodge ram 2500 

These are the best quality ball joints you can get. Coming from a renowned brand, they are ultimate in quality and render the best possible durability. You’d be glad to learn that the design and technology employed in these joints have been determined by aerospace companies.

But the determinants of their technology aren’t the only amazing thing. The most excellent features of these joints are the heat treatment and the fine coating of dry lubricant. The special heat treatment provides them the ultimate hardness essential for their operation. 

This absolute strength and hardness protected them from additional wearing and damage. Moreover, the durable dry lubricant coating ensures smooth and reliable function for a long time. Best of all, these joints are precision machined to attain the best possible accuracy. 

You will notice a significant improvement in your vehicle’s ability to handle the steering system. While the quality of these joints is unbeatable, they are a big investment. You must consider the overall suitability of your old vehicle while making this upgrade. 

  • These best quality joints work adequately well in improving your steering system’s response
  • The unique technology employed in these joints has been determined by aero-space companies
  • These joints are heat-treated for the ultimate hardness and strength
  • The dry lubricant coating is essentially durable
  • The fine precision machinery provides the best possible accuracy
  • These joints are best suitable for Ram trucks that have AAM front axle
  • Many users report that these joints feel considerably tight
  • More affordable options are available 


These are the best quality ball joints you can get for dodge ram 2500. While being sufficiently hard and extremely durable, these are also machined for the best accuracy.

2. XRF USA K7460X


If you are looking for good quality ball joints that are also sufficiently affordable, there is no better option than XRF USA K7460X. While these joints may not have the many advanced features and treatments of the more expensive options, they provide the most reliable durability and smoothness in function. 

In this price range, these are the best possible heavy-duty ball joints you can get. These are most suitable for Ram trucks from the era between 2003 and 12’. Even if you employ your truck for hauling heavy loads, your ball joints will never disappoint you. Know that there aren’t many options in this price range for towing. 

Like almost all after-market ball joints, these are also a little tough to install. But know that your truck’s alignment will be well in place once they are set. There are also special grease fitting placements in these joints. This feature makes their maintenance all the easier. Moreover, their quality of construction is consistent and reliable. 

  • These joints are considered the most economical and quality replacement for Dodge ram 2500 trucks of the 2003-2012 era
  • These are probably the only low-priced ball joints that allow adequate towing
  • They are sufficiently strong and durable to sustain the pressures of hauling
  • The grease fitting placement provides appropriate smoothness of installation
  • The quality of construction is consistent and reliable
  • These ball joints are not very easy to install


These are the most affordable variety of ball joints for dodge ram 2500 trucks. There are few contenders to the most economical, best quality, and sufficiently reliable function of these joints.

3. Detroit Axle 80052-4

Detroit Axle 80052-4

This is one of the few ball joints that work perfectly well for vehicles that are older than the year 2003. Not only are they rare in being suitable for some of the oldest dodge rams in the country, but they are also very cheap in price. The whole set costs a mere $50. 

Even for this low price, these ball joints have been specially built to adequately match the requirements of original ball joints. Moreover, their performance quality is best in class in this range. The structure is quite durable and sturdy to sustain the tough operation dodge rams are put through. 

The fittings are greaseable and the joints are adequately smooth in operation. One may not expect on-point alignment at such a low price but it is aptly rendered along with tight steering. 

  • This is one of the most affordable options for ball joints
  • These are amongst the few ball joints suitable for dodge rams older than 2003
  • The special design of these ball joints is meant to work just like the original ball joints
  • The grease fittings are relatively easy to install
  • Users report that the nuts that accompany these ball joints are not very versatile in fit
  • These ball joints are much less durable than all other contenders 


These ball joints are the cheapest option for dodge ram trucks older than 2003. One must note that they are amongst the few ball joints suitable for trucks as old. The performance and quality of these joints is much like the original ball joints.

4. Dynatrac CR92-2X3050

Dynatrac CR92-2X3050

These are considered the best performing set of ball joints for dodge rams. While upholding the most excellent construction and the perfect fitting characteristics, these joints are meant to unimaginably boost your truck’s handling. You’ll never have experienced the same quality suspension on your truck before this. 

Get ready for the smoothest ride ever, even on roads that don’t necessarily allow it. If you are an off-roading fan, there is really no match for the smoothness and stability of these ball joints. Best of all, these ball joints can be re-built after installation to provide the most adequate tightness on your steering. 

You can trust this set for the best in class durability and the easiest installation. Know that these joints will fare you smooth on the bumpiest roads. Although they are expensive and not quite affordable, they are pretty much worth an investment. 

  • These ball joints are most well suitable for dodge trucks from the year 2003 to 2012
  • Built out of sturdy stainless steel, these joints are set to sustain the pressures of offroading and rough driving
  • The stainless steel ball for these joints is precision-ground for the best accuracy
  • It is also heat-treated for the best in class strength
  • The tight steering provides the best quality handling
  • The installation of the joint is easy and it can be re-built after being installed for the appropriate tightness
  • The wear points for these joints have a special wear-resistant Teflon coating
  • These ball joints are relatively expensive 


These ball joints may be expensive, but their best in class performance is well worth the price. They work smoothly even on rough roads and are superbly easy to install. 

5. A-Team Performance 2-K7467 2-K7460X 

A-Team Performance 2-K7467 2-K7460X 

This is the best whole set to replace the ball joint in a dodge ram 2500. The best part is, these joints tend to last much longer than typical factory-made ball joints. This excellent durability is yet not the only best feature of these ball joints. 

Their simple and thoughtful design is meant for the smoothest and the utmost reliable performance. The ball sockets can be aptly greased to ensure the restoration of a smooth function and uplift a falling steering system. While it would have been better if these ball joints were adjustable, they often don’t need much adjustment in most ram trucks. 

  • These dodge rams are built to perfectly fit dodge rams from the year 2003 to 2013
  • The upper and lower joints for these sets can be greased for the best possible smoothness
  • These are the best quality joints you can get for restoring steering alignment
  • These are amongst the few good quality ball joints that are also quite affordable
  • They are also more durable than most other contenders
  • Their only drawback is the lack of adjustment 


These are the most durable variety of ball joints you can get for 2003-2013 dodge rams 2500. While ensuring the smoothest performance and adequately uplifting failed steering systems, these joints excellently for long durations. 


Now ensure the best alignment for your vehicle with our selected best ball joints for dodge ram 2500. Available in a well-deserved price range, these ball joints will render you the most reliable smoothness and the best in class control. Get ready for the most blazing off-roading experience.

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