Best Cam for 5.3 Vortec

5 Best Cam for 5.3 Vortec 2023

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Your 5.3 Vortec engine must be in dire need of the best quality cam. Know that one perfect cam can certainly uplift the performance of your engine. It is very important to have a perfect understanding of the qualities of cams before selecting one for the upgrade. Since it is possibly difficult to be adept in so many subjects, we have eased out this task for you.

We have brought you a collection of the best cams for 5.3 Vortec. Our selected products are not only best in quality, but they are also popularly recommended by users all over America. Prepare the engine in your car to see some serious upgrade. 

Get a low on unwanted sound, a high on performance, and a butter score on smoothness. All of the below-mentioned cams are also easy to install. Most of them come with a comprehensive installation guide for your aid. 

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The best cam for 5.3 vortec 

1. Comp Cams 17001-16 1.5 Ratio Cam

best cam for 5.3 vortec 

Comp Cams is amongst the world’s most reliable brands for camshafts. The best quality design is accompanied by the most amazing performance. Made in the USA, these lightweight cams could be the perfect replacement for your engine. You couldn’t have a product more promising in quality. Moreover, these cams are quite easy to install. 

The 1.5 ratios for these cams will help in significantly improving your engine’s RPM. You’ll also notice an enhancement in the throttle response of your engine. All the more, your engine will be reignited in performance. You can totally rely upon the excellence of this product. 

Although these cams are quite expensive, they have excellent durability and remain functional for a long time. Users report that these cams well deserve the price they are given at. Even the appearance of this camshaft is quite excellent. Users also comment on the adequacy of packaging.

Note that it is crucial to refer to the installation guide during the installation process. You must follow the guide step-by-step to best set the camshafts without encountering any difficulty. 

  • This camshaft is outstanding in appearance and performance
  • Coming from an internationally recognized brand, these exhibit promising quality
  • These camshafts are made in the USA and possess a reliable quality
  • The ratio of these Comp Cams increases your engine’s RPM and improves the throttle response
  • The overall performance of your engine is uplifted
  • This product is absolutely durable and has an amazing lifespan
  • The camshaft comes with a thorough installation guide for the best aid
  • Users report that the packaging is very adequate
  • These camshafts are more expensive than other contenders 


Made by a recognized international brand, these camshafts are perfect in quality and serve the engine excellently by improving its overall performance. The RPM and the throttle response of the engine will be significantly improved. Moreover, the installation guide is given along.

2. General Motors 12638427 Engine Camshaft

General Motors 12638427 Engine Camshaft

This could be the perfect reliable replacement for your damaged camshaft. Not only is the design very close to the original, but this cam is also relatively inexpensive. In fact, it is amongst the most affordable camshafts in the American market. 

Users are certainly impressed by the low noise emitted by this cam as compared to other contenders. This one is also very easy to maintain. This three-bolt cam is the perfect option if you are looking for something less noisy and easy to maintain. Moreover, the perfect design favors easy installation and a tight fit.

You can rely upon its unbeatable performance for a long time owing to its awesome durability. This camshaft is also very good in appearance. The installation is simple. Although one may need to modify the valve springs in the case of the 2015 5.3 Silverado model. 

  • This brand offers the best quality camshaft which essentially resembles the original camshaft in design and fit
  • No other contender is as close a replacement of the original as this one
  • The three-bolt cam offers tremendous performance to the engine
  • It is also simple in installation
  • Best of all, this camshaft is very affordable
  • The durability of this camshaft is also very reliable
  • It has impressive features like low noise and easy maintenance
  • The 2015 model cannot support its installation without some upgrade 


This is amongst the most recommended camshafts for a good reason. The design is of utmost similar to the original cam and enables the perfect fit. This camshaft is also very affordable and easy to maintain. The noise emission is low and performance enhancement is ultimate.

3. Lunati 10120702LK Voodoo 219/227 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati 10120702LK Voodoo 219/227 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This camshaft has the most amazing design and is best known for its outstanding performance and easy driveability. This unique design is capable of serving as the best replacement for any damaged or faulty cam. The upliftment in RPM can range between 1400 to 5800. 

Users also report that the packaging of the product is very impressive. All the necessary components required for installation are supplied in the package. This includes the instruction manual, the lifters, the lubricants, as well as the cam. 

Some users report the camshaft to be heavier than its other contenders. But it is certainly not very much heavy. The power distribution is all the more sustainable owing to the hydraulic nature of the cam. This is especially useful when more power is required. You’ll see the fastest delivery of power whenever it is urgently required. The rate of power delivery is quite impressive. 

There is also a certain improvement in the throttle response, the acceleration, the creation of a vacuum, and the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Overall, the most excellent performance is rendered by this cam to your truck’s engine. 

Although it is quite simple in installation, the price may deem expensive to some. 

  • The design of this camshaft allows excellent performance and an even more enhanced driveability to your vehicle
  • The improvement in RPM ranges from 1400 to 5800 and is quite significant
  • There is quite an increase in the throttle response, acceleration, and also efficiency of the vehicle
  • The best design allows sustainable power distribution
  • The installation is simple 
  • This camshaft is quite expensive 


The best in class design for this camshaft allows the utmost sustainable distribution of power. The rate of delivery of power is also quite impressive. The enhancement in throttle response, acceleration, and the improvement in RPM are impressive. 

4. Michigan Motorsports Stage 3 Cam 

Michigan Motorsports Stage 3 Cam 

Specially designed for heavy vehicles, this camshaft may be the most versatile option ever. This cam has an amazing quality of increasing the power of the vehicle without altering its low-end torque. Even the sound quality of this cam is very much acceptable as compared to the most annoying sounds some cams tend to make. 

The performance rendered to the vehicle by this cam is absolutely incredible. Almost all heavy trucks can rely upon this cam. The installation is simple but an upgrade on the converter is essential. Although this camshaft is expensive, it is considered worthy of the price.

  • This cam is very beneficial for heavy vehicles
  • There occurs an enhancement in power without effect on the low-end torque
  • The sound emitted from the cam is admirable
  • The installation is easily accomplished
  • The design is built to perfectly fit a number of heavy vehicles
  • The overall performance is best enhanced
  • The optimum performance of this cam requires an upgrade on the converter


This utmost versatile camshaft is best suitable for heavy vehicles. It offers a significant increase in power along with a generally acceptable low sound. The installation is easy and the overall performance is outstanding.

5. Edelbrock 2102 Camshaft

Edelbrock 2102 Camshaft

This camshaft is slightly heavier than its other contenders but quite excellent in terms of performance and efficiency. The moderately aggressive sound emitted by this cam is quite reliable. Overall, the performance is incomparably enhanced. 

All the more, this cam is quite economical. Also, it serves to smoothen your drive. The responsiveness is very amazing and you’ll notice a special improvement in the way your vehicle starts. The installation is not easy, but certainly not very difficult.

  • The aggressive cam sound is quite admirable
  • This camshaft is very economical
  • The performance of your vehicle is improved
  • The responsiveness is absolutely amazing and reliable
  • The installation is easy for those adept in the task
  • The installation is not quite easy for individuals attempting it for the first time 


This totally reliable camshaft by Edelbrock is best known for its perfect fit on most vehicles. It certainly boosts up the performance while enhancing the responsiveness of the engine. The installation is sufficiently easy and the price is quite affordable. 


We have brought you some of the best camshafts available in the American market. While giving the performance of your vehicle a boost, these cams will certainly improve the quality of your drives. Hop in and set off for the ultimate efficiency and total smoothness. 

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