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11 Best Car Stereos: Review & Buying Guide 2022

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A stereo is the heart of your vehicle’s audio system. Today’s stereos may be certainly an improvement over the stereos of the past but there is still a lot of crap that might accidentally catch fire. When there are so many attractive options, it can become quite difficult to go for one stereo that would really meet all your expectations. We have eased your trouble by bringing you some of the most excellent tried and tested car stereos in the American market.

We have brought you the best car stereos for the year 2020. Our selected pieces are set to be perfect when it comes to costs, tests, advanced settings, and configurations. Dive into the world of unbelievable sound experience with our carefully selected range. It is recommended that you pair these stereos with equally admirable speakers systems to greatly enhance the musical feels in your car. 

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Reviews of 11 Best Car Stereos

1. Pioneer AVH-2300NEX Multimedia DVD Receiver

 Best Car Stereos

This is probably considered the best car stereo in all of America. Equipped with all the amazing features a modern listener demands, it is built to serve every smartphone that runs the world. To your amazement, this stereo is compatible with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. Also, there is an option for Bluetooth connectivity. You’d be glad that this one is also compatible with streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM. 

There is  USB direct control for accessible connection with all types of smartphones. The 7-inch WVGA touchscreen display for this stereo avails sufficient space for an incredible handling experience as well as comfortable audio streaming. Moreover, hands-free calling is made extra accessible by the size of the screen. This stereo is most well appreciated for its vast variety of excellent features. Best of all, it has been built to enable the incredible safety of the driver while they are virtually connected. Users especially prairie the clarity of sound that this stereo enables. Even when making phone calls, this stereo will render you the clearest audio performance. 

While this may not be the cheapest stereo you can get your hands on, it is definitely worth the price it demands. The overall quality is exquisite. Moreover, the installation is supremely easy. The quality of craftsmanship further explains the price. This is easily the best double din stereo you must get for your car. 

  • This stereo is extensively featured for the best audio experience
  • It is compatible with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto
  • All types of smartphones can be easily connected with the help of USB direct control
  • It is compatible with popular audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM
  • The quality of build is excellent
  • This stereo doesn’t allow video streaming 


This absolutely amazing double din car stereo by Pioneer comes loaded with extensive features and offers an amazing quality of sound. This may not be your first choice if you want video streaming services, otherwise, this stereo is really popular for its quality of performance.

2. Kenwood KMM-BT322 Car Media Player 

Kenwood KMM-BT322 Car Media Player 

This is amongst the most well-recommended car stereos for a reason. This one is not just extensively featured, it also comes with a companion app that lets you control and access the stereo from your smartphone. You can choose the version with the CD player or the one without it. This single din design is perfect in the sense that it allows unlimited access using your smartphone or any other device that you are comfortable using to play music. Also, it offers built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

It is commonly known that this stereo is easily the most affordable and amongst the most dependable upgrades over your factory-made stereo system. Because of the abundant connectivity options, it is all the more recommended. Also, it is very easy to install. You’ll be amazed by the extent to which this will enhance the quality of your vehicle’s sound performance. While there are certain complaints from users regarding the brightness of the display during the day. Although, many people report no such problem in viewing the screen. 

Tagged at less than a hundred dollars, this is one of the most affordable and best quality car stereos in the American market. You’ll be greatly impressed by the quality of design and construction, as well as the ease with which you can set this system up. Also, this one is compatible with all your favorite music streaming platforms like Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM. 

  • This stereo is extremely popular for its amazing performance and the very affordable price
  • The Bluetooth connectivity, as well as compatibility with popular audio streaming services, makes a vast variety of music accessible
  • One of the best features of this stereo is its ability to be controlled with the help of a smartphone app
  • The stereo is supremely easy to install
  • You can choose the variant with the CD player or the one without, according to your preference
  • Some users report that this stereo doesn’t perform well at loud volumes 


This surely affordable and ultimate quality stereo is the rightful upgrade you need for your vehicle’s sound system. Known to perform beyond your expectations, this set also has many amazing features to ease your accessibility.

3. JVC KD-X350BTS 1-Din Car Stereo

JVC KD-X350BTS 1-Din Car Stereo

If you are looking for a good quality single-din car stereo, there can be no better option than JVC KD-X350BTS that is so often recommended across America. Best compatible with both Apple and Android devices, this one is also equipped with integrated Bluetooth connectivity for the best possible access to a world of musical experience. You can even access all the popular streaming platforms like Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, and IHeartRadio. 

You’ll be amazed by the degrees of accessibility that the makers of this stereo have rendered. You can also control this stereo from your steering wheel. This feature adds additional safety and convenience to the excellent listening experience. To your gladness, a separate remote control is also supplied for easy and helpful control functions like pause and play. 

Equipped with a maximum power output of 50W x 4, this comes with a 13 band equalizer for the most marvelous sound quality. Via USB, you can conveniently run MP3/FLAC/WMA/WAC playbacks. Best of all, this stereo is superbly easy to install. Many people have also reviewed that the Bluetooth connectivity of this speaker is incredibly fast. Moreover, the size of the screen is sufficiently large. Best of all, the sound quality of this stereo set is unbelievably great. Priced at just 70 dollars, this may be the most affordable good quality speaker you can get in the American market. 

  • This stereo is an amazing choice for an affordable, great quality single-din type
  • Equipped with a large range of connectivity options, this stereo is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • The Bluetooth connectivity of this stereo is reported to be faster than usual
  • All major audio streaming platforms like IHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM can be accessed
  • This stereo can even be controlled from the steering wheel
  • The installation is easy and the screen is sufficiently large
  • The 13 band equalizer provides incredible quality sound
  • Some users report that this may not be the best quality stereo you can get 


If you are looking for an affordable and good quality single-din stereo, there is no better contender than JVC KD-XS50BTS. Equipped with a variety of connectivity features, this one is supremely reliable and easy to operate. 

4. Boss Audio 616UAB Multimedia Stereo 

Boss Audio 616UAB Multimedia Stereo 

This may probably be the best car stereo for those who want to tread perfectly within their budget. This excellent quality stereo has a single-din design and it comes with USB, SD, and auxiliary input features for enhanced accessibility. There is built-in Bluetooth for ease in making and receiving calls, controlling music, and the apps on your phone. One of the rare features of this stereo is that it lets you switch between US and European stations. Also, there are front and rear preamplifier outputs for the most amazing sound experience. 

It is superbly easy to connect your wireless devices with this stereo. Also, it is quite easy to be installed. Throwing the sleek and stylish looks around, this stereo is perfect for a boost in your vehicle’s interiors. A few customers have complained that the fit of this stereo may not be perfect for all vehicles, but the price is greatly satisfactory. Tagged at just a dollar thirty, this is the most incredibly inexpensive car stereo you can get your hands on. The LCD screen for this stereo is sufficiently large for easy visibility and access. The controls are well-illuminated for enhanced ease of use. The wireless remote control further enhances the ease.

  • This is the most affordable stereo set you can get in the American market
  • The single-din design is also attractive
  • Enhanced connectivity features include USB, SD, and auxiliary inputs
  • You can easily switch between US and European stations
  • The hands-free control availed by this stereo is incredible for its price 
  • Users often experience problems with Bluetooth connectivity and the display 


This is an incredibly affordable stereo that can provide you a definite upgrade in audio quality. This may not be the most reliable stereo system out there, but it is definitely not bad. 

5. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Stereo

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Stereo

This is considered the best double din stereo in the American market. Not only does this stereo render the best in class quality to the music, but it also comes equipped with marvelously intuitive control mechanisms. These specialized control features let you make calls, listen to music, and navigate maps, all hands-free. Moreover, the black and white esthetic design greatly complements your vehicle’s interiors. According to your requirement, you can choose the set with Apple CarPlay or the one without it. 

The driver-side of the stereo has certain responsive button controls that provide more access in addition to the spacious touchscreen interface. The touchscreen is quite large and easy to operate. Users have reviewed that this ultimate stereo is absolutely reliable and also very easy to install. The amazing quality of construction and the ease of setting up do warrant a valuable price. This may not be a cheap option, but its trustworthy quality is definitely worth an investment. 

  • This is considered as the best quality double din stereo
  • The intuitive controls make the handling of the stereo supremely accessible
  • The esthetic of the vehicle is greatly enhanced by the attractive design
  • The spacious touchscreen is very easy to monitor
  • This stereo is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM can be accessed
  • The installation is very easy and a thorough guide is supplied for this purpose
  • Some users report that this stereo is not very reliable and starts losing quality in some months


The best quality intuitive controls and the total hands-free accessibility make this one the best double din car stereo. The touchscreen is very capacious and the overall control is very handy. This set may be expensive but it well deserves the price. 

6. Kenwood DNX997XR Stereo 

Kenwood DNX997XR Stereo 

It is said that the touchscreen quality of Kenwood DNX997XR is so good that other contenders don’t even stand a comparison. This one is popularly recommended as the most reliable fully-loaded option you can get in the American market. Some extensive features of this stereo include the wired mirroring for your iPhone, as many as four camera inputs, and well-supplied support for Kenwood’s special high-definition backup camera.

The Kenwood DNX997XR also includes the popular built-in German navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio, Bluetooth, and up to three sets of 5-volt preamp outputs to render more external amplification. If you think this must be all, you are in for an amazing surprise. This ultimate stereo system comes equipped with a reliable sound tuning system meant to create the utmost quality audio performance. 

This best quality touch screen stereo also provides the most high-resolution music. The clarity of sound is just astounding. This is not all, this stereo is meant to receive up to three years of free Garmin map updates. The Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto conveniences greatly enhance the ease of accessing this system. You can also utilize the on-board navigation apps like Apple Maps, Waze, and Google Maps to safely conquer your destination. Plus, reliable music streaming platforms like Pandora, Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music are also quite accessible. Besides, this stereo lets you access the very much reliable and handy Siri/ Google Assistant for the greatest possible ease of use. 

  • The Kenwood DNX997XR is widely regarded as the best option for iOS
  • There are extensive reliable features in this stereo that greatly enhance your accessibility
  • There is an option for wired screen mirroring, a high-definition backup camera, and built-in German navigation
  • The Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and three sets of preamp outputs greatly improve the reach of the stereo
  • The quality of the audio is perfectly clear
  • Some users report that the extensive features of this stereo don’t run as smoothly as they should


This can easily be regarded as one of the best fully-loaded stereos in the American market. Not only is it equipped with the most superior best in class features, it is also very reliable in operation.

7. Sony RSX-GS9 GS-Series Stereo

Sony RSX-GS9 GS-Series Stereo

Sony RSX-GS9 GS-Series Stereo is not just superbly attractive, the audio quality is also spellbinding. The sleek looks render an edge to the overall appearance of your vehicle’s interiors. The superior audio makes the investment worth praise every time you turn the music on. The sound components utilized in this stereo are the same ones used in Sony’s well-acclaimed home audio series. These premium components render the never-before audio experience in your vehicle. 

The most appreciable feature of this stereo is the ultra-rigid chassis that successfully eliminates all vibration from indulging in the quality of sound. You can connect to this stereo via Bluetooth, Android, iPhone, NFC, Sony SongPal, or even a hardware connection like a USB cable. All audio files such as MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, and DSD can be played on this stereo. The volume of this stereo can also be easily regulated with an accessible volume knob. 

  • The esthetics of this stereo is very superior

  • The sound quality is mesmerizing

  • This stereo is relatively expensive 


Sony RSX-GS9 is as outstanding as its sound quality. This very attractive stereo comes with the most reliable audio performance. 

8. Sony XAV-AX 1000 Stereo 

Sony XAV-AX 1000 Stereo 

In case you are looking for a good quality stereo that works primarily with Apple CarPlay, this is the best possible option. Once your iPhone is connected to this stereo with a USB, the splendid and spacious touchscreen will get you Apple’s entire user interface for easy access. Be it Apple Maps, Waze, or Google Maps, you can easily control every feature with this very reliable stereo. The outboard microphone assures that you can take calls hands-free. You can easily access your favorite playlists on popular music streaming platforms as well as navigate AM/FM. 

  • This is the most reliable stereo to work along with Apple CarPlay
  • All the extensive iOS features can be accessed on the spacious touchscreen

  • Some users report that the quality of the backup camera is lower than they had expected 


This is the best quality stereo system to work along with Apple devices. It is very easy to access Apple’s entire user interface with the help of this well-equipped stereo. 

9. Sony XAV-AX 5000 Stereo 

Sony XAV-AX 5000 Stereo 

This is considered the best quality stereo to work along with Android devices. This stereo is as inexpensive as it is reliable and perfect in quality. The touchscreen is superbly easy to use and quickly connects with all smartphone interfaces. Primarily built for Android Auto, this stereo also connects well with Apple CarPlay. It is very easy to stream music on popular platforms, navigate Waze and Google Maps, all after just plugging in your Android device with the help of a USB. 

  • This stereo is very handy and quite inexpensive for its absolute perfection
  • Made primarily for Android devices, this can work well with iOS too
  • Many users report that this stereo doesn’t stay reliable after some months


This stereo works perfectly well along with Android devices and provides the best quality sound experience on the go.

10. Kenwood DMX957XR Stereo

Kenwood DMX957XR Stereo

This is the best quality mech-less stereo you can get in the American market. Built without a seemingly necessary CD player, this stereo has paid more attention to the other vital components. This touchscreen stereo can be easily connected with all Android and iOS devices via USB or even wirelessly. You get easy access to all the popular music streaming platforms and reliable navigation software. There is also a DMX957XR radio for additional access to local digital broadcasts.

  • This is the best possible mech-less stereo system you can get for an affordable price
  • There are several reliable options for connectivity and the sound quality is amazing

  • Users report that the screen mirroring feature doesn’t respond well


This is a good mech-less stereo system if you are looking for one. With various options for connectivity and the ultimate sound quality, this one is absolutely reliable. 

11. Sony XAV-AX 8000 Stereo

Sony XAV-AX 8000 Stereo

This single din stereo is supremely oversized if that is what you are searching for. The large touchscreen for this stereo boasts of ultimate ease in operation and handling. Not only is the accessibility and connectivity amazing, but this stereo also delivers the clearest and clean sound output. Also, this one is easy to install and quite affordable. 

  • The large touchscreen provides unmatched ease in handling

  • The connectivity and the overall performance of this stereo is amazing
  • Some users report that the quality of the LCD screen is not up to the mark 


This single din stereo is a dream come true if you are a fan of larger screens. The extra space does provide easy access to numerous features.


We have brought you some of the best-known car stereos in the American market. One of the above will definitely match all your requirements and give your vehicle the right upgrade. Get ready to rock and roll on the go and never again be afraid of turning up the volume, concerts sound best when they are loud!

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