Best Sawzall Blades for Metal

Best Sawzall Blades for Metal in 2023

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Sawzall is a general term used to describe reciprocating saw blades. This is amongst the most powerful cutting tools you can get. Finding an efficient and reliable Sawzall blade for cutting metal is not an easy task. Several reciprocating blades are considered ultimate. The best choice for you will be influenced by your personal preference and comfort in handling. 

We have accomplished ample research in finding the best Sawzall blades for metal. Our selected blades have been duly tested for the utmost reliable performance. Our detailed reviews are followed by pros and cons so that you make an informed decision. 

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best Sawzall blades for metal

1. Saw Blades 6-Piece Cutting Set 

best Sawzall blades for metal

This is a set of six very reliable and high-performance saw blades made by a renowned and popular tool brand. DeWalt is well-known for producing excellent quality power tools. These special blades are made of the best quality metal which makes them efficient in cutting through any sort of material. Not just metal, you can also apply these blades in cutting wood.

This set is most popular because it gives you the option to choose from amongst different types of blades that suit different purposes. Also, all of these blades are compatible with all other brands of reciprocating saws. You can freely employ these blades in combination with any saw. You’d be glad to know that these blades are capable of being used on drywall without being ruined. 

All six blades in this package are six inches in length. There is a 6-TPI taper-back blade, a 14-TPI straight-back blade, a 24-TPI straight-back blade, an 18-TPI straight-back blade, a 10-TPI straight-back blade, and a ⅝ TPI taper-back blade. All these blades are endowed with the raker tooth design which assures you of the optimum tooth contact area. This makes it possible to make faster cuts more easily. 

  • This is a set of six high-quality reciprocating blades made by a renowned and popular brand of power tools
  • The quality of construction of these blades is very high
  • These blades can work with a reciprocating saw of any other brand
  • All six blades have a raker tooth design for the optimum tooth contact area and faster cuts
  • All blades are six inches in length
  • These blades can be employed for cutting metal as well as wood
  • Some users report that the quality of these blades is not the best  


These best quality Sawzall blades are very popular for their versatility, accuracy, and durability of use. Moreover, they come from a renowned and widely trusted power tool brand. 

2. 32-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set 

32-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set 

This is the most appropriate Sawzall blade set for use by professionals. If you are accustomed to the versatility required in metal cutting, you would very much appreciate the 32 different blades present in this set. You can employ these blades to best fulfill all your dream projects and marvel at their incredible performance.

All these blades are made out of the best quality CrV steel which offers the ultimate strength required in cutting metal. Not just metal, you can confidently cut through all types of wood too. The thickness of these blades ranges between 20-175 mm so that they can aptly cut through any type of material with sufficient strength and force.

Rest assured that you will be able to best fulfill the demands of every project you aim at. The variable thickness of the 32 different blades will give you enough confidence to cut through anything with defined accuracy and precision. Especially because the saw blade meant for cutting through metal is made out of bi-material for the ultimate strength. 

Also, the blades in this set are all compatible with the various reciprocating saw brands out there. There are a total of 21 wood cutting blades out of which 5 measure 9 inches in length and 16 measure 6 inches. There are 10 pieces of blades meant to cut metal. While all of them are 6 inches in length, 2 of these blades measure 4 inches.

The sturdy CrV steel is not the only factor responsible for the ultimate strength of these blades. All of them have a special spray paint coating that assures resistance from damage by rust and other corrosive agents. Moreover, all these blades are duly packed in a strong case for easy portability.

  • This is a set of 32 blades meant for professionals who require extreme versatility
  • All these blades are made out of high-quality Chrome-Vanadium steel that gives them ultimate strength
  • The special silver-spray coat on these blades provides resistance to damage by corrosive agents and rust
  • The blades meant for cutting metal are made out of bi-material for additional strength
  • Users report that these blades are not very durable  


This is the best Sawzall blade for use by professionals. All 32 blades are equipped with additional strength for the most reliable and efficient cutting action. 

3. IRWIN Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

IRWIN Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

In this utmost durable set. You get 11 pieces of blades that you can adequately utilize in several applications. One excellent feature of these blades is the electron beam welding of their teeth for much-enhanced strength and durability. Also, these teeth have 8% cobalt so that you can depend upon their long-lasting strength.

One can truly rely upon the best quality function of these teeth and rest assured that they won’t wear out with regular use. The blades are constructed out of the ultimately sturdy bi-metal for the most reliable strength. Furthermore, these precision-set teeth avail you of the fastest and most smooth cuts. 

These blades can effectively cut through just any material. Most reciprocating saw blades have sharpened teeth or rather pressed teeth for extra sharpness. The teeth in these blades are welded on instead. So there is a probability that the sharpness of these teeth will significantly reduce with use. Also, these blades don’t seem to be as thick as most other blades out there. 

But none of these factors reduces the durability of these blades in any way. You can use these blades for a long time. They are bound to last if you care well enough and store them appropriately to prevent welded teeth from coming off too soon. 

  • This is a set of eleven good quality blades
  • The bi-metal construction of these blades ensures the best durability and strength
  • The electron beam welded and precision cut teeth avail the most accurate and smooth cuts in the faster possible manner
  • These blades are capable of cutting through any material
  • The 8% cobalt in these blades makes them enough durable to last long
  • These blades don't come with a storage bag


This is a set of eleven best quality blades that can be effectively utilized in a large variety of applications. The prominent feature of these blades is their durability. So you must get this set if you wish your Sawzall blade set to last long.

4. Bosch Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

This is a set of five best quality reciprocating blade sets for cutting metal. The five pieces are similar in construction and structure. There are 18 teeth for every inch of these blades and this factor works wonderfully well in about all cutting projects. Also, these blades have a three-degree tilt that provides more accurate, clean, and fast cuts through metal.

But the performance of the blade does not ultimately rely upon just the number of teeth and the blade angle. The material of construction of the blade also greatly influences its performance. All five of these blades are made out of a special bi-metal for the ultimate quality and the most dependable durability. The height of these blades is about 0.75 inches for the best in class strength and longevity. 

Also, these blades can fit well in just any brand of reciprocating saw. No issue of compatibility is ever gonna arise. Some users have reported that these blades tend to wear out too quickly. Especially when they have been working on a project that demands heavy use. It is recommended that you get a stronger blade if you wish to engage in industrial metal cutting projects.

  • This is a set of five similar pieces of blades
  • Each blade measure 6 inches in length
  • The height of each blade is about 0.75 inches for the ultimate strength and durability
  • There are eighteen teeth for every inch of these blades
  • The three-degree tilt of these blades delivers the most efficient and fast cutting action
  • These blades are duly coated for protection against rust
  • Users report that these blades are not sufficiently durable 


This excellent set of five good quality blades is meant for the most accurate and fast strokes. This is mainly owed to the three-degree tilt and the eighteen teeth present on every inch.

5. Sawzall Reciprocating Blade Set 

Sawzall Reciprocating Blade Set 

This utmost versatile set of twelve blades is meant for best use in a large variety of cutting projects. These blades are thicker than most other contenders and this thickness endows them with the unique strength and ability to cut through every other thing. These blades come in two probable thickness options: 0.42 inches and 0.62 inches.

You can choose either one of these depending upon the demands of your project. Also, these blades come packed in a strong case for easy portability and protected storage. But the most excellent feature of the case is its stretchability so you can add even more blades if you want. 

  • This is a set of twelve durable blades
  • These blades are extra thick for the ultimate strength
  • These blades are built wider in shape so they can fit even in tight spaces
  • The extra thickness of these blades provides them utmost versatility
  • Users report that these blades are more expensive  


This set of twelve blades comes with variable thickness for the utmost versatility in use. Also, the thickness of these blades renders them the ultimate strength.

6. Freud Steel Metal Cutting Blades 

Freud Steel Metal Cutting Blades 

This is the best quality Sawzall blade you can get for cutting metal. This ultimately strong blade is made out of carbide tipped bi-metal to serve as the strongest instrument you can get. The blade is 9 inches in length and has enough thickness to handle the brunt of heavy projects. 

Adding some cutting oil to the blade will render it a more effective performance. However, this one-piece blade is not durable enough to handle heavy projects frequently.

  • These high-quality blades have sufficient thickness to easily cut through metal
  • These are made of the ultimately reliable and durable carbide-tipped bi-metal material
  • The blades are nine inches in length
  • These blades are resistant to damage by rust and corrosion
  • Users report that the endurance of this blade is not sufficient  


These high-quality blades have enough thickness to easily cut through metal and provide the utmost accuracy. These can be effectively used for several purposes with utmost reliability.

7. Freud Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set

Freud Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set

This 14 piece kit has been specially designed for absolute versatility and reliable performance. It can aptly cut through nail-embedded wood as well as hard metal. The superior bi-metal construction of these blades also gives them more durability and a longer life-span. 

This pack has two amazing types of blades: the steel-demon and the demo-demon. The demo demon offers faster cutting with lesser vibrations. The steel demon helps you remove the material faster and is more durable. 

  • This fourteen piece blade set is durable and meant to handle all your cutting needs
  • The bi-metal construction avails superior strength
  • The blades have two variations: demo demon and steel demon
  • These blades have a special corrosion-resistant coating
  • There are no negative reviews


There are multiple blades in this kit to best fulfill your sewing needs. Moreover, the two different types of blades avail the utmost versatility in use.


While getting yourself the best Sawzall blades for metal, keep in mind your requirement of durability, adequate length, and the number of teeth per inch. With one of the above Sawzall blades, you are bound to turn every sheath of metal into a masterpiece, or simply cut through at your best.

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