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A new vehicle stereo is usually an excellent investment. Even if you ask everyone what the best single DIN head unit in the audio business is, you’ll receive a different response from everyone. The newest digital audio technology should be reflected in the best single din android car stereo. Additionally, interoperability with cellphones and the most popular internet radio applications is an example. A head unit that supports linked devices and comes equipped with specific functionality is essential for listening to music in a vehicle.

A car’s radio system is a crucial part of its overall functionality because it will keep you busy for the duration of your journey. Many additional capabilities, such as GPS, telephony, radio, and breaking news alerts, may all be accessed via the same system. However, nowadays you have a wide range of possibilities. Choosing the most refined single DIN head unit is thus a time-consuming endeavor. But this does not imply that we will not listen to anything on the way.

Check out this blog article if you’re seeking the best single din head unit for a comprehensive audio experience. For your convenience, we’ve examined eight single DIN stereos with a wide range of connector choices, improved audio quality, a straightforward user interface, and an integrated EQ. The things you’ll see here are royalties from the automobile music business. We’re well aware that you just cannot afford to lose any more time! Let’s get started straight away with the reviews.

Quick Shopping Tips

Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations when selecting a single DIN Android head unit.

User Interface And Build: Keep in mind that a new single DIN Android head unit will appear different on the dashboard. A sleek and contemporary dashboard dramatically enhances the value of an automobile. Accessibility to menus, settings, and other programs is also essential. The last thing anybody desires to do while driving is continually touching the screen and searching for the navigation app.

GPS Navigation: Driving while looking at a map on your phone might put you in danger since your focus is diverted from the road and instead goes to your smartphone screen. The flip-out stereo’s built-in GPS navigation capability may help you avoid this danger by allowing you to utilize maps on the receiver’s prominent display and considerably lessen the risk.

Smartphone Integration: Almost all of the best-reviewed head units are capable of seamless pairing with your smartphone, allowing you to take advantage of popular apps like Pandora and Spotify while still taking phone calls hands-free. If you can’t use your phone while driving, it’s essential that the finest car stereos can completely connect with your smartphone.

Connectivity: A single din head unit’s performance is heavily influenced by its connection. If your single din head unit’s connection is widely compatible with a wide range of devices, you should have no trouble connecting most of your devices. A single din head unit must-have features like Bluetooth, for example, if you want global communication.

Best Single DIN Android Car Stereo at a Glance:

  1. Vanku Android
  2. Binize Single Din
  3. ATOTO S8 Standard
  4. EinCar Android
  5. Hikity Android
  6. Podofo Single Din
  7. AMPrime 7 Inch
  8. CAMECHO Android

8 Best Single Din Android Car Stereo You can Buy Today

Our Recommendation: We recommend that you only buy one from the first three products. If you have a little budget, go for Vanku Android or ATOTO S8. If you are low on budget, buy Binize Single Din. Not only are these three great in terms of performance and features, but you will also get amazing customer support. These three companies are careful about their customers. I will highly recommend that you buy these top three. You can also check the remaining options, which are also good. But these three are my personal favourites.

Vanku Android
Vanku Android (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Vanku Android


Screen Size: 10.1 Inches | Connectivity Technology: WiFi, USB | Human Interface Input: Touchscreen | Display Type: Detachable and rotatable | Control Method: Touch


Amazing interface

Support for both IOS as well as Android

Easy to install


Very bright at night

The processor could be faster

Many vehicle owners prefer Android car stereos because they allow for more personalization, and the Vanku head unit is an excellent example of such a device. The Vanku 10.1′′ Single Din Android 10 Car Stereo with Fastboot, GPS, WiFi, and Support Android Auto in your vehicle will allow you to enjoy your journey to the fullest, thanks to an impressive array of functions. This display navigation makes driving in style a breeze thanks to features like a backup camera and iOS and Android Auto compatibility.

The OBD2 scanner interface of this specific model makes it possible to show vehicle diagnostics and real-time data on compatible devices. In addition, Bluetooth enables you to make hands-free phone calls while driving, as well as connect to other wireless devices like smartphones or tablets, allowing you to listen to music in its entirety while driving. The Vanku 10.1′′ Single Din Android Car Stereo has an Intel Quad-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB Storage Memory, making it a powerful gadget.

The 10.1” screen can be rotated 360 degrees for convenient reading when driving or parked; support for USB and Bluetooth; ability to connect to 4G networks for complete internet access while on the road. As a whole, the Vanku Android stereo is the best overall single din android car stereo solution that not only looks fantastic but is also engineered to provide outstanding sound. Also, there are several programs that can be downloaded to make your phone more personalized to your needs.

What we dislike about the Vanku Android 11?

There were a few things that we didn’t like about the Vanku Android 11. One was that there were no dimmer controls. This meant that the screen was either too bright or too dark, and it was difficult to find a happy medium. Another issue was that you need a USB dongle in order to use Android Auto and Apple Carplay. This wasn’t a huge deal, but it was something that we noticed. Overall, we thought that the Vanku Android 11 was a good car stereo.

Our Verdict: If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line Android car stereo with all the bells and whistles, the Vanku Android 11 car stereo is a great option. It comes with an amazing screen and sound quality, as well as quick customer support. However, if you’re on a budget, the Binize 1 DIN car stereo is a great alternative with a lower price tag. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either of these amazing options!

Binize Single Din (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Binize Single Din


Screen Size: 10 Inches | Connectivity Technology: USB | Voice command: Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons | Vehicle Service Type: Car | Control Method: Touch


Big screen


Rich sound quality


Bluetooth audio has a perceptible delay

Connectivity issues with WiFi

The 10.1-inch HD touch screen on the Binize Android 10 Car Stereo is all you need to operate it. The Binize Android 10 Car Stereo’s large touchscreen display features a high resolution. Even though the USB port is tucked away on the rear panel, it is still pretty easy to access. Built-in apps and a user-friendly interface make this device ideal for usage in a car, with no circuit buttons or front panels. Using Google Play’s APK compatibility, the car radio runs various apps from Google Play. 

You can remain connected while driving thanks to this Android car stereo’s compatibility with both Apple iOS and Android devices. Simply link it with the built-in Bluetooth device on your smartphone to begin making hands-free calls. GPS navigation systems with text-to-speech features may be suitable if you have trouble reading street signs while driving. Your driving experience will be enhanced thanks to the many features contained in this finest single din android car stereo.

When listening to media files saved on the SD card or on external devices, you won’t have to worry about losing any vital information owing to the high-quality sound of the device’s speakers. You may attach external devices such as flash drives and memory cards to this audio system through the USB port. There is an auxiliary cable included so that you may play your favorite tunes from your phone, MP3 player, or music player without any hassles. This gadget is suitable for viewing movies or playing video games because of its high contrast ratio and high-resolution visuals.

What we dislike about the Binize 1 DIN?

Difficult to install: many users have complained about how difficult it is to install the Binize 1 DIN.

Timekeeping issues: some users have also reported that the car stereo doesn’t keep the right time, but this can be fixed with a software update.

Weak radio reception: another common complaint is that the radio reception is not very strong.

ATOTO S8 Standard
ATOTO S8 Standard (Image credit: Amazon)

3. ATOTO S8 Standard


Screen Size: 8 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB | Compatible Devices: Speaker, Smartphone | Audio Encoding: Stereo | Control Method: Voice


High compatibility

Personal privacy protection

Built-in preamplifier


Sub output is weak

If you format your SD card, your settings may be lost

For the last year, big-screen car stereos with floating displays have been the hottest trend in vehicle stereos. The ATOTO S8 is an excellent example of this. The front faceplate of ATOTO S8’s Single-DIN base is 178 mm*50 mm, while the 8-inch screen measures 204 mm x 132 mm. The 8-inch floating display portion stands out from the Single-DIN base with adjustable height and viewing angle. When used with A2DP audio streaming, the Bluetooth 1 may be used as a hands-free (answer/make calls) Bluetooth device.

Once the smartphone is linked, all of its contacts and recent records will be synced. For rapid dialing, “Quick Search” and “Add to Favorites” are supported. Hands-free calls benefit from built-in noise cancellation technology, which reduces ringing and echoes. You don’t have to scream into the vehicle audio to get the other person’s attention, either. The Bluetooth 2 can link to Bluetooth gamepads, Bluetooth OBD2, Bluetooth TPMS and serves as a Bluetooth tethering internet connection.

Users may connect up to three devices at once using the system’s twin Bluetooth internals (one for audio and two for data communication). While conventional displays have a limited viewing angle, the ATOTO S8, the best carplay single din android car stereo, has 178° full-viewing angle IPS screen allowing for brighter app tips. Like navigation prompts to be seen without strain in broad daylight. In addition, the color rendition on IPS displays is superb, and the naturalness of the display is preserved. An audio DSP employs a microcontroller particularly developed to manipulate digital audio signals.

What we dislike about the ATOTO S8 Standard?

We didn’t like that the screen wasn’t fully rotatable and that we couldn’t set up an SD card as internal storage. We also thought it would be useful if there was a dark mode option.

EinCar Android (Image credit: Amazon)

4. EinCar Android


Screen Size: 7 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Wireless | Human Interface Input: Touchscreen, Mic | Display Type: LCD | Control Method: Touch


Sensitive touchscreen display

GPS built-in

Mirror Link


Audio outputs are limited


Some people don’t like having a large LCD screen on their dashboard. Go for a smaller screen if you don’t plan to watch videos on your audio device. The EinCar 7-inch Android stereo may be just what you’re searching for. As a result of Android 10.0’s increased processing capability (RAM 1GB, ROM 32GB), single din car audio operates quickly and smoothly, allowing the head unit to access any apps readily. This stereo comes with the latest Easy Connect software pre-installed, which allows you to reflect your mobile phone’s screen to the vehicle’s radio while simultaneously sharing the WIFI hotspot.

Voice guidance, 2D/3D maps, offline map support, and free lifetime updates are all included in this head unit’s Android OS capabilities. After installing the single din car radio equipped with a GPS module, the GPS map data and software may be used right away to access offline maps. The Android head unit is also compatible with most GPS programs, such as Waze, which may be used with the online map capability. Bluetooth 4.0 allows for hands-free phone calls and music streaming with this best detachable-face single din android car stereo.

The single-din car radio can display any Android or iOS smartphone content. You may use this Android head unit to watch texts, videos, or online navigation maps on a bigger screen rather than your phone’s smaller screen. You may connect your iPhone or Android phone to the Internet via WiFi or a USB cord. With the built-in WiFi module, you may access the internet, download programs, or play online games.

What we dislike about the EinCar Single DIN?

For starters, we didn’t like that it took a while to boot up. Additionally, the screen wasn’t bright enough to see clearly in daylight. And finally, the manual wasn’t as detailed as we would have liked. Overall, these were our main gripes with the EinCar Single DIN.

Hikity Android
Hikity Android (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Hikity Android


Screen Size: 7 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, WiFi/Hotspot, USB | Display Type: LCD | Voice command: Touchscreen | Vehicle Service Type: Car


Sharp screen display

Easy to use

User-friendly interface design


External microphones are not supported

Overlapping radio stations

Essential Android functions may be found in the Hikity radio’s robust hardware. This sleek and straightforward head unit is an excellent replacement for the previous factory one, which had large screens and rattling buttons. This head unit has less emphasis on style since its primary focus is on performance. Features like Reflect Link, which enables us to mirror our phone screens straight onto the head unit’s display, have made Hikity’s single-din automobile popular.

Both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating systems are supported by this app. A WiFi dongle or a mobile hotspot may be used to connect to it. Connect your stereo to your phone’s hotspot, and you’ll be able to download and play almost any app or game you choose. You may use the Bluetooth version (4.0) to make hands-free phone calls and stream music and video in a variety of formats. This radio also has offline GPS navigation, which is essential if you’re planning a trip to an unfamiliar location.

This is the best single din android car stereo with a backup camera, which is an essential safety component for any car. Outstanding image quality and a large screen make this head unit simple to use. You may receive signal messages more consistently if you use the 87.5 MHz -107.9 MHz radiofrequency. Radio stations are intelligently stored in the memory function. This multimedia system is perfect for a broad range of musical styles and sound effects, including presets for classical, jazz, pop, rock, and other genres.

What we dislike about the Hikity Android?

We didn’t like the Hikity Android because it was difficult to write and its manual came with no installation instructions. The wifi is extremely slow and the radio does not catch signals.

Podofo Single Din
Podofo Single Din (Image credit: Amazon)

6. Podofo Single Din


Screen Size: 7 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Controller Type: IOS, Android | Format: WAV, MPEG, WMA | Control Method: Touch


Hassle-free setup

Digital audio streaming

Expandable storage


WiFi coverage is quite limited.

When paired with Android devices, it is selective

The Podofo Android vehicle radio is an excellent replacement for your outdated head unit. Despite its small size, this single DIN device has a bright backlit screen and bright navigation buttons, making it an obvious addition to your dash. The head unit is small yet formidable, with a wide variety of modern technology support. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay may be used through a cable connection on this device. The navigation, calls, messages, music, and other Android phone features may all be accessed via our stereo by connecting it to your phone using the original USB cord.

Also, you may use Google’s voice-activated assistant while driving. Huawei smartphones do not support Android Auto. Using a phone while driving is safer and more intelligent. All iOS devices are supported, including the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Just switch on the vehicle radio or connect your phone through Bluetooth, and you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music and answer Bluetooth calls right now. FM radio automated scanning and 18 radio storage make this a full digital search radio station.

Streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora may be accessed by Bluetooth, USB/Aux/TF Card port, or Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/mirror connection. This Podofo, one of the best single din flip-out android car stereos, has steering wheel controls, allowing you to switch between tasks using your car’s steering wheel easily. In addition, it has a 32GB U Disk/TF card slot, so you may download music and movies to play on this device.

What we dislike about the Podofo Single Din?

We didn’t like the mirrorlink on iPhone not working well and the sound not being great. The remote also only worked if you held it up close to the stereo.

AMPrime 7 Inch
AMPrime 7 Inch (Image credit: Amazon)

7. AMPrime 7 Inch


Screen Size: 7 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, WiFi | Voice command: Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons | Vehicle Service Type: Car | Map Type: North America


The display can get damaged easily

No offline map


The display can get damaged easily

No offline map

If you’re a fan of both music and video, the option is for you. For your convenience, AMprime has developed a single din head unit that you’ll love. Additionally, AMprime has a huge 7-inch touchscreen display to delight your eyes. There are several uses for the huge display, including GPS navigation and watching video from the back camera. Aside from that, you’ll also get a complimentary video camera with the single-din AMprime unit.

When you say “Hey Kimi,” NEXAI’s intelligent voice activates, allowing you to do the desired task. With voice control, you can make and receive phone calls, navigate, and listen to music while leaving your hands free for safe driving maneuvers, thanks to the latest in voice control technology. Single-din vehicle stereos have never been simpler to use since they support both the front and rear cameras, as well as a built-in rearview camera, making parking safer and more efficient.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, it’s easy to use the AMprime Single Din Car Stereo. It comes with a dedicated file manager that enables you to navigate the stored files on your device and easily get to the folder you need quickly and effortlessly. You may also use the Google Play store to obtain more tools to aid your travels. A 1024*600 pixel video stream is available, which is also helpful for viewing movies on the provided display. AMprime is the best budget single din android car stereo and additionally provides a one-year warranty.

What we dislike about the AMPrime 7 Inch?

We didn’t like the fact that there were no proper instructions in the manual. The wifi signal pick was weak and the boot up time was slow. However, we feel that with a little bit of improvement, this car stereo could be one of the best on the market.

CAMECHO Android (Image credit: Amazon)

8. CAMECHO Android


Screen Size: 7 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary, WiFi | Memory: 1G RAM+16G ROM | Radio format: AM/FM | Hi-Fi amplifier output: 4 x 25W


Rear camera and remote included

Mirroring experience

AM/FM Radio


WiFi connectivity is weak

No Microphone command

Convenience is a significant selling point for single din head units. As a result, Camecho’s single din head unit is a popular choice. Anyone searching for a high-quality mirroring experience will like the CAMECHO Android 10.0 vehicle radio. The stereo’s 7-inch touchscreen is retractable and flippable, making it simple to use. You may fit it in your car’s regular DIN area with a single device. In addition, the radio includes a built-in GPS, which makes it easier to travel about when driving.

Even when you’re driving, you can keep in touch with friends and family through WiFi. In addition, the stereo is equipped with a DVD player and a CD player, so you can take your music with you wherever you go. When you need to clean the stereo’s front panel, the panel is removable so that you may do it quickly. Additionally, the stereo’s 7-color button lighting lets you match the color scheme of your vehicle’s interior.

Using the remote control, you may adjust the system’s settings while still driving. It’s important to note that the remote and backup camera are included in the bundle. When it comes to sound quality, the stereo does an excellent job. Even if you have numerous applications open, the stereo will continue to work thanks to the 1G RAM + 16G ROM Memory smoothly. The built-in GPS is precise and responds quickly, and the stereo’s sound quality is outstanding, particularly considering the unit’s low cost.

What we dislike about the CAMECHO Android?

When it comes to the CAMECHO Android, there were a few things that we didn’t like. Firstly, the wifi reception wasn’t great. This meant that some apps took a long time to load. Additionally, the physical controls were quite laggy and unresponsive.


If you want to install a radio system in your vehicle, the centerpiece is the head unit, and you should invest in a high-quality model. With today’s technology, they can make a huge difference in the soundstage, which is something that many people overlook. In addition, we all have smartphones these days, so a decent head unit that enables us to use our smartphones hands-free saves us a lot of time and effort. On top of that, there’s GPS navigation, a rear parking camera, and a display to keep the family amused on lengthy road trips by viewing movies, of course.

You made the proper decision; you want an aftermarket head unit for whatever reason. Make sure you pick the best single din android car stereo within your price range. When compared to the OEM factory head unit in your vehicle, an Android Auto head unit is a significant upgrade. Single-DIN head units come in a wide variety of models, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. For music streaming and hands-free operation, Bluetooth has become a crucial function.

However, a DAB tuner, additional outputs for additional speakers, and other features are also required by many drivers. A well-known brand is the best way to prevent disappointment. You may find hundreds of low-cost stereos. But they lack vital functions and may even impair the aesthetics of your interior. In this post, we highly recommend that you purchase one of the single-din head units that we’ve evaluated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a single head unit in any automotive audio setup?

The room is the most critical factor when installing a new head unit. You might relax a little if you previously utilized a single DIN head unit. The likelihood is that the new head unit will fit in the area formerly occupied by the old unit without a problem. If your previous audio had a double DIN unit, you’d need to undertake a significant amount of work to accommodate your new head unit’s dimensions.

What is the function of an android auto head unit?

An Android Auto head unit is quite similar to an Android tablet or smartphone in terms of functionality. Messages and maps from your Android mobile appear on the head unit’s display when you link your device with the Android Auto head unit. You may use the radio’s screen to respond to messages, use maps, and scroll through playlists.

Does a single DIN head unit operate with factory speakers?

Most OEM speakers can handle a modern head unit’s power, but their performance is restricted. You may test your speakers’ limitations by increasing the volume and recording the speaker’s distortion. Cranking OEM speakers causes harm. Adding aftermarket speakers to a single DIN head unit maximizes its value.

Does my single-din head unit require an amp?

Add an amplifier if you’re not happy with your single-din audio system’s sound. Amps reduce distortion, so you may play louder music without sacrificing clarity. An amplifier will improve your vehicle stereo’s sound range and control.

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