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9 Best Spray In Bed Liners (2023 reviw)

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It is important to protect the rough surfaces of your car before they get damaged beyond repair. Your truck’s bed requires a bed liner to save it from irreversible harm. A spray-in Bedliner will also keep your cargo balanced on a more stable surface. The best spray-in Bedliner is made out of polyurethane material. Their special liquid form is applied on the inner side of the truck bed. 

This protection is very beneficial because it serves to adequately protect your truck against damage by heavy loads. The surface of the Bedliner is also skid-resistant so the cargo can be tightly secured. It may be difficult to find the right Bedliner without proper knowledge. There are so many available options that your choice is only rendered more difficult as you progress. We have made the task easier for you by bringing you the best spray in Bedliners in the American market.

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 9 best spray in bed liners 

1. Herculiner bed liner kit 

best spray in bedliner

What is better than a bed liner kit that you can use by yourself. Herculiner kit is built to give your vehicle the most exceptional glossy finish on the back. This renowned company has been making quality materials for twenty years. 

Not only is the appearance of this bed liner kit very professional, but the polyurethane material on the surface of this liner is also excellent in availing protection from the rain. Be it any extreme weather change, know that your truck’s bed will be adequately covered. 

You’ll be amazed by the thickness that this bed liner kit avails. This one is about five times as thick as the others. With just one layer of the application, you are assured of safety thereafter. All you need to do is, apply the formula, and let it dry. The outcome is bound to be shiny if your application is smooth.

The kit includes a paint roller, a special brush, and abrasive pads for proper protection. It is important that you seal the container tightly before you move forward to a second coat. The solution tends to dry quickly once it is exposed to air. Rest assured that this kit is compatible with wood as well as metallic surfaces. It wouldn’t react with any other lubricant or chemical substance. 

  • This spray in bed liner is compatible with both wood and metal surfaces
  • The thickness of the bed liner is five times as much as all other contenders
  • This formula is known to be non-reactive with other chemicals and lubricants
  • The polyurethane coating on the top makes this bed liner adequately weather-proof 
  • Users report that the brush that is supplied in the packaging is not very adequate


Because this solution can be sprayed, it is really easy to apply. The thickness of this bed liner is very appropriate for the best in class protection. 

2. Raptor UP4885 bed liner kit 

Raptor UP4885 bed liner kit 

In case you require a good spray-on bed liner to fix small damaged spots, this is probably the best option. Portions like the fender flares on your vehicle can be most adequately fixed with the Raptor UP4885 bed liner kit. Rest assured that none of the small scratch marks are ever gonna get big once you cover them with this product. 

This aerosol spray is meant to best conceal the small portions that need to be fixed. The quality of the finish of this spray is as excellent as a spray gun. One must note that the application of this product on a metal surface might not give very desirable results. Metallic surfaces can be rendered a little more texture than with other sprays. This helps to maintain appropriate friction for the best anti-slip action. 

This product can also be used adequately on fiberglass. This is because of the ability of this bed liner to bond quite easily. The protective layer left by the Raptor UP4885 is sufficiently smooth and offers the best in class protection against corrosion. Your vehicle’s bed will be surely protected against damage by saltwater or by any sort of chemical reaction. 

Also, the outer layer of this bed liner is very durable and wouldn’t fade out like most other contenders. Rest assured that this solution is adequately waterproof and UV-resistant.

  • This spray-on bed liner is very effective for covering small spots that could encounter more damage
  • The aerosol technique renders a gun-like texture to the covered surface
  • Both metal and fiberglass surfaces can be properly covered with this spray
  • This spray is sufficiently UV-resistant and also waterproof
  • The effect of salt water and chemicals is also sufficiently neutralized 
  • Users report that the container for these sprays is quite small


This spray is meant for the repair of small damaged areas. But you can use it for covering large areas as well. The quality of this bed liner spray is excellent.

3. U-Pol Raptor bed liner kit 

U-Pol Raptor bed liner kit 

U-Pol Raptor is the best colored spray-on bed liner you can dwell upon. Whether you wish to cover your truck’s roof or just protect the shiny metal bumper. While adequately protecting your vehicle, this bed liner kit also avails you the chance to color by your choice. This product is available in a wide range of colors ranging from red, green, purple, blue, and black. 

The whole kit is four liters in capacity and contains three liner bottles along with one hardener. Also, you get an extra spray gun along with the package. By using this gun, you can cover any exterior surface in the easiest manner. The raptor coating needs to be mixed with the hardener by a ratio of three to one. One must be careful while shaking the bottle so that no air gets inside. 

This product is meant to sustain extreme temperature changes and humidity. Also, this spray-on bed liner is resistant to damage by UV rays. This coating will also survive the harshest summer sun. Be assured that heavy loads will no longer be able to leave dents on the floor of your vehicle. Also, the noise and the vibratory disturbance of the loaded cargo will be adequately reduced. 

  • This solution is best in class for rendering the surface UV-resistant
  • This spray-on coast dries very quickly
  • A spray gun is supplied in the package
  • This bed liner is available in a variety of colors to suit your convenience
  • Even the sounds and the vibrational disturbance of your vehicle’s cargo is reduced 
  • This product is known to contain toxic ingredients


It is recommended that you wear a protective suit while using this product. This is because it has some toxic components that could cause damage. Overall, the quality of this bed liner is excellent and the color choices are interesting. 

4. Custom Coat bed liner kit 

Custom Coat bed liner kit 

This is considered the most durable spray-on bed liner. It is also well-known for its exceptional ability to be compatible with every other surface. This one can be safely employed on aluminum, fiberglass, wood, metal, concrete, or just any other surface. The kit consists of three liners and one hardener. Even an inexperienced person can use this product with ease.

You need to simply pour the hardener into the base solution and stir and shake. Then employ a spray gun to complete the act. Your vehicle will be rendered the most adequate protection against damage by harsh weather conditions and direct sunlight.

Also, the quantity of material in this package is sufficient to last for a long time. This one is bound to come useful in the future whenever you encounter another surface that needs to be covered. The application of this formula renders the external surface resistant to damage by scratches and dents. Also, it is known to stay in the same condition without any change in color for a long time. 

  • The  quantity of this formula is sufficient to last a long time
  • The protective layer of polyurethane greatly enhances the overall lifespan
  • Your vehicle is also protected against damage by scratch marks and denting
  • This formula is known to be compatible with a vast variety of surfaces   
  • This formula is known to start flaking after some time 


This product needs to stick properly to the surface of the application. It is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces when properly applied. 

5. Dupli-Color BAK2019 bed liner kit 

Dupli-Color BAK2019 bed liner kit

This is the most versatile bed liner kit on this list. Bringing you every possible thing within a single package, this product will surely amaze you. This is essentially a coating kit. It consists of a roller frame, and a cover and tray to be used as per your convenience. There are also some scuff pads that are required for the application of the formula upon a surface.

In addition, a stir-stick and a brush are also present in the package to suit your convenience. All these factors make it easier to accomplish this task by yourself. You must be aware of the reputation of this product for its excellent durability. The core ingredient for this formulation is Dupont Kevlar. This powerful synthetic fiber is wonderfully resistant to heat such that it can negate the effect of any inflammable chemical. 

Overall, this product is water-based. This special formulation reduces the toxicity on the whole. The added rubber particles further serve in adding the skid-resistant feature. 

  • This is a strong water-based formula that doesn’t contain any bad odor
  • All the essential working equipment has been provided in the package
  • The provided equipment will perfectly ease your job
  • This formula is extremely resistant to heat
  • It can be used upon a variety of surfaces like fiberglass, wood, and even concrete
  • Users report that the scuff paper supplied in the package is relatively inadequate 


This bed liner is perfect for use on a variety of surfaces. The best thing about this product is its excellent resistance to heat and groundbreaking durability. 

6. U-Pol Tintable Coating bed liner kit 

U-Pol Tintable Coating bed liner kit

This bed liner coating spray is probably the best way to add colors to your car while adequately protecting it from any possible damage. The package consists of three bottles of baseliners and a packet of hardener. Even an 8-foot long truck bed can be covered well with the help of this kit. This product is especially wonderful because of its variety of color choices.

You can add a 10% urethane base color to the solution to get the required shade. Best of all, this formula is perfectly durable to withstand high temperatures. So even if you navigate extreme weather conditions, never worry about the toughness of your bed liner. 

It is important that you properly prepare the surface before the application of this formula. The second coat should only be applied after waiting for a minimum of thirty minutes. This coat can be effectively used on a variety of surfaces including metal and fiberglass.

  • This easy-to-use bed liner will let you paint your vehicle with the color of your choice
  • It works well upon a variety of surfaces
  • This formula is enough durable to withstand high temperatures
  • The package includes a spray gun to enhance the ease of application
  • The drying time is relatively less 
  • The properties of this formula make it difficult to attain a darker color shade


It is important to prepare the surface well to get the requisite shade of color. Overall, this bed liner is perfect for covering the longest truck beds and is sufficiently durable. 

7. USC 18002 Defender-Pro bed liner kit 

USC 18002 Defender-Pro bed liner kit 

This is considerably the best non-toxic bed liner spray on this list. Not only this, it has the tendency to make the surface sufficiently stable so that it can absorb strong vibrations and disturbances. All the more, it is very well resistant to damage by heat. Its exceptional durability is another reason for its popular recommendation. 

This product consists of an advanced epoxy formula that serves to adequately protect your truck from any harmful chemicals. Also, the core ingredient for this formulation is non-isocyanate. This makes this product non-toxic and environment-friendly. 

  • This product offers sufficient durability to your vehicle
  • It has the tendency to absorb disturbing vibrations
  • Its composition is non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Users report that this product has a criterion of being ready only two hours after mixing


This is the best non-toxic bed liner spray available in the American market. 

8. LinerXtreeme bed liner kit 

LinerXtreeme bed liner kit 

The three gallons of the powerful formula supplied by LinerXtreeme is meant to give your truck the best black makeover you can imagine. This product is best known for its excellent quality and unmatchable semi-gloss look. All the more, it even works well on wood surfaces. 

Be careful to note that the surface is dry and clean before the application of this product. This product works excellently on all sorts of surfaces and can cover truck beds measuring twice the standard size with ease. 

  • The detailed instruction guide with this product is meant to make the process easier
  • The quantity of the solution is appreciable
  • The sem-gloss finish is unmatchable and long-lasting
  • Some users complain that it is unfair that they have to mix such a solution themselves 

9. Seymour 20-041 bed liner kit 

Seymour 20-041 bed liner kit

This is the most effective fast-drying formula you can get to cover the irregularities of your vehicle. The thick consistency of this product renders a perfectly smooth texture and a desirable shine. The traction created on the surface of this product is enough to provide a stable grip. 

The toughness of the outermost protective layer is quite impressive as it works against moisture, water, and also corrosion. You can hide the most stubborn scratch marks with this efficient solution. It is important to note that this solution requires sufficient time to dry out before a second coat can be applied. 

  • This excellent bed liner provides the most efficient coverage for small damaged areas
  • Because of its faster drying abilities, it can even be used on wood
  • This product is very much resistant to damage by rust and corrosion
  • Over time, the protective features of this coat only get tougher
  • The surface remains adequately protected from damage by moisture
  • This product is inefficient for use in large areas 


This product is meant to cover small areas and prevent present damage from enlarging further. The durability and resistance to damaging factors are excellent.


We have brought you some of the best spray in Bedliners in the American market. Our selected range will surely help you protect your bed liner in the best possible manner. 

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