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Best Air Impact Wrenches 2022

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Times have changed and tools have evolved. Gone are the days of socket wrenches that never provide sufficient power to fasten the bolts and nuts. It is time to switch to the supremely powerful and efficient air impact wrenches. These unique wrenches are specially meant to deliver a higher torque output while the user exerts a lesser amount of force. 

Fastening and unfastening bolts is now easier than ever. But it isn’t easy to know which Wrenches are the best when there are so many attractive options in the market. We have formulated this piece to help you reach the best air impact wrench. Our nine selected models are all groundbreaking in their purpose and quality. Check them out. 

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9 best air impact wrenches 

1. NitroCat 1355-XL 

best air impact wrench

This is a very durable air impact wrench equipped with a twin hammer mechanism. While being exceptionally durable and delivering incredible power, this excellent wrench is available at a very unbelievable price. Also, it is very lightweight so its utilization becomes the easiest. The excellent performance rendered by this wrench is mainly the result of its twin hammer mechanism. 

This has loosening torque as much as 700 ft-lbs which deliver quick action in fastening and unfastening nuts and bolts. The handle for this wrench has the ultimate ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort by effectively reducing the pressure on your hands. The noiseless operation is the work of its unique and patented quiet technology.

Best of all, the face of the exhaust for this wrench is through the handle to ensure that the debris does not near your face. The air passes smoothly without causing any backpressure. Moreover, the housing for this wrench is very durable and sturdy. Rest assured that this amazing air impact wrench will last long and sustain any amount of wear and tear. 

Both professionals and occasional mechanics can make the best use of this very excellent wrench. Many users report that the trigger for this wrench could have been better in quality. Overall, this is an excellent air impact wrench and its performance is exceptional. The drive size for this wrench is ⅜ inch. Torque up to 700 ft-lb can be supplied by this wrench. And the free speed is as much as 10000 RPM. 

  • This air impact wrench works amazingly for transmission
  • The flip lever meant for forward and reverse is easy to operate
  • The twin-clutch is very sturdy
  • The exhaust goes through the handle so that the debris stays away from the face
  • The operation of this wrench is unbelievably quiet
  • Users report that the trigger for this wrench isn’t adequate


This best quality wrench comes at a very reasonable price. It is excellent in power and performance and sufficiently sturdy to last long.

2. Ingersoll-Rand 231C 

Ingersoll-Rand 231C

Coming from a very renowned brand in industrial tools, Ingersoll-Rand 231C is supremely reliable, classic in reputation, and exceptional in performance. The manufacturer is known for making groundbreaking innovations in the air compressor systems realm. The most significant feature of this wrench is the twin hammer mechanism of operation. This special method guarantees up to 600 ft pound of torque.

It is relatively easy to install or remove the toughest bolts with the help of this unforgiving wrench. You’ll be amazed by the adjustable power regulator that this wrench is equipped with. The power output is effectively controlled by this mechanism. The compact design and the ergonomic handle ensure that your hands and wrists don’t develop fatigue. The contoured handle turns out to be very effective in control and portability. 

Best of all, this wrench comes fully lubricated. Moreover, the two-piece construction of this wrench is quite easy to maintain. While the nose emanated by this wrench may be louder than certain other noiseless wrenches, it is still very powerful and reliable to deserve an investment. The driver size for this wrench is ¼ inch. It can supply about 600 ft-lb of torque and free speed up to 8000 RPM. 

  • The adjustable power regulator comes very useful during work
  • The ergonomic handle design ensures extra comfort
  • The twin power mechanism renders unbelievable power
  • Pressure feed lubrication ensures that the wrench functions smoothly
  • This wrench is not as quiet as certain other wrenches 


Equipped with a twin hammer mechanism, this must be amongst the most powerful air impact wrenches on this list. It is really easy to work with and shows unmatchable reliability.

3. Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX

Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX

This is the best quality high-speed air impact wrench you can get. This one is capable of delivering as much as 15000 RPM. The features of this wrench are significantly different from the other wrenches on our list. The drive size is ⅜ inches and a powerful 7 vane motor supplies its power. 

The maximum power for this wrench is supplied in reverse as opposed to other wrenches. Moreover, there are a vast variety of power regulator settings in the forward position. The touch trigger is supremely soft to ensure comfort. Also, the noise levels are significantly reduced by quiet tool technology. 

All the more, the titanium construction for this wrench renders it sufficiently lightweight and excellently durable. Maximum performance is optimized by sufficient airflow. You’ll be amazed by the degree of control availed by the four-position power regulator on this wrench. Overall, this advanced tool is compact in design so that it can fit into tight spaces. 

The lightweightedness ensures that your hands don’t encounter fatigue. While this wrench may not provide a high amount of torque at 300 ft-lb, it does compensate by delivering the most unbelievable speed. 

  • The tough trigger is supremely soft and handy
  • The many power regulator settings ensure ease of use
  • Additional degrees of control is provided by the one-handed forward and reverse options
  • This wrench is powered by the supremely powerful 7 vane motor 
  • The adjustment dial for this air impact wrench is not adequate
  • The torque output is low 


This is the best quality high-speed air impact wrench on our list. While the maximum amount of torque may be less, it is well compensated by the intense and unbelievable speed.

4. NitroCat 1200K

NitroCat 1200K

This is the best air impact wrench that supplies high torque as much as 1295 ft-lb. With a drive size of ½ inch, this wrench can work wonderfully fast in installing and unfastening your bolts. Its most significant quality may be the reduced level of noise during its operation. The unique filter allows air to pass through without creating any backpressure. Overall, the minimum amount of noise is produced. 

Equipped with the special exhaust muffler technology, this wrench is also best in directing the debris away from your face. All the more, the handle for this wrench is ergonomically engineered to reduce the fatigue on your hands and arms. Powered by the dependable twin hammer and twin-clutch mechanism, this air impact wrench is incredible in operation. 

However, this wrench is exceptionally expensive. One must note that it is still priced under 200 dollars and it delivers the highest amount of torque in the most reliable body. 

  • The twin hammer and twin-clutch mechanism makes the operation of this wrench very smooth
  • The quiet technology makes the working of this wrench wonderfully quiet
  • This wrench is easy to use and it exerts much less pressure on your hands and arms 
  • This wrench is relatively expensive 


This is the best contender in this list as it supplies the highest amount of torque. It is also relatively comfortable to work with and emits very little noise. 

5. PowRyte 1001040 

PowRyte 1001040 

This is the most compact and powerful air impact wrench you can get. Coming with a drive size of ½ inch and a torque capacity of 600 ft-lb, this powerful wrench is capable of availing a free speed as much as 7000 RPM. It is very easy to fasten as well as remove nuts and bolts with this tool. Whether you require it for repairing brakes, exhaust, or just for rotating tires, this wrench is a die-hard contender owing to its unique twin hammer technology. 

Moreover, the high torque output can also be adjusted with the help of an adjustable regulator. There are two forward torque settings and one reverse setting on this wrench to let you switch directions with ease. Best of all, the noise output is considerably reduced with the special in-built silencing. The ergonomic handle and the ring retainer further enhance the comfort of operation. 

  • This supremely reliable air impact wrench delivers a very high torque output
  • The torque controls are very adjustable
  • The noise output with this wrench is considerably reduced
  • The overall operation of this wrench is comfortable 
  • Users report that this wrench has a very vague instruction manual


This is easily the most powerful small-sized air impact wrench you can get. Not only does it avail the most powerful torque, it is also very well regulated.

6. DeWalt DWMT70773L 

DeWalt DWMT70773L

This is probably the best quality air impact wrench on this list. This one is equipped with as much as 650 ft-lbs of torque which serves quite well in breaking fasteners. The high speed of 7500 RPM provides enough strength to unfasten the tightest bolts with ease. Powered by a twin hammer mechanism, this wrench also has an adjustable power regulator that lets you switch speeds between different tasks. 

The quick directional changes enabled by the forward/reverse switch makes this wrench tremendously impactful. Moreover, shock resistant housing provides reliable protection for a long-lasting service. You’ll be amazed by how the rubber cushion grip increases the comfort of operation and the bottom handle exhaust directs waste. 

Besides, the ergonomic handle provides extra ease in handling the wrench. The composite body design is also very reliable. While this wrench may seem to be a bit heavier than the other contenders, it is quite powerful and users still manage to operate it single-handedly.

  • This wrench supplies the most amount of torque to easily break fasteners
  • Powered by a twin hammer mechanism, this wrench is easy to operate and quick in action
  • The power regulator for this wrench is quite adjustable
  • Single-handed operation is possible with this wrench 
  • Users report that this wrench is quite more heavy than other contenders 


This is the best quality air impact wrench on this list. Slightly on the heavy side, but it is supremely powerful. 

7. Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 

Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV

This is the best quality air impact wrench you can get if you are shopping on a tight budget. This powerful wrench is capable of generating as much as 550 ft-lb of torque. The drive size for this wrench is ½ inch and it can generate free speed up to 8000 RPM. There are three-speed power regulators on this wrench to make speed adjustment easier and to set the right amount of tension on the lug nuts. 

With this wrench, you get adequate control of both speed and directional settings. The twin hammer mechanism provides the most accurate impact with the least possible vibration. The toughest lugs and bolts can be easily removed using this wrench. The soft design makes this wrench easy on your hands no matter how tough your work is. 

  • This wrench is equipped with a twin hammer mechanism
  • The soft design of this wrench makes it very comfortable to use
  • The rubberized grip for this wrench makes it very handy
  • The three-speed power regulator setting renders sufficient control
  • This wrench comes at a very reasonable price

  • This wrench does not supply a sufficient amount of torque 


This is the most budget-friendly air impact wrench in this list. This one provides the most adequate control on the direction and speed of the wrench. 

8.Aircat 1000-TH 

Aircat 1000-TH 

This ultimate air impact wrench is equipped with the twin hammer mechanism and also turbines, high-quality bearing surfaces, and air chambers. The composite housing along with the sturdy drive size provides it the ultimate durability. Also, this wrench is benefitted from the patented quiet technology which reduces the noise output while maintaining an adequate amount of torque. 

The ergonomically designed handle for this wrench is built to render you ease and minimum fatigue. The patented through-the-handle exhaust keeps the debris away from the face while the wrench is in function. The flip cover can be easily forwarded or reversed according to your choice. 

  • This wrench is equipped with the twin power mechanism
  • The ergonomically designed handle is quite easy to operate
  • The patented through-the-handle exhaust assures that the debris will fall far from the face
  • This wrench produces less noise 
  • The trigger for this wrench is not sufficiently soft 


This is easily the most durable contender on this list. Aircat 1000-TH can supply up to 800 ft-lb of torque and achieve free speed as much as 8000 RPM. 

9. ACDelco ANI405 

ACDelco ANI405

This super-affordable air impact wrench is quite appropriate for heavy-duty purposes. Equipped with a twin hammer mechanism, this wrench is very dependable for tough challenges. The aluminum alloy housing for this wrench provides the most promising durability. This wrench will not get damaged even in the harshest environmental conditions. 

The extra-long design further enables it to be used in tight areas. There are three speed regulators in this wrench that offer tremendous power and sufficiently balanced outcomes. You can select the most appropriate speed for an adequate amount of tension. Moreover, the forward and reverse switches make it easy to shift according to one’s requirement. 

However, this wrench may not be as comfortable to use as certain other models because of the absence of proper cushioning. The smooth and ergonomic design of the handle still provides sufficient comfort for long time use. 

  • The twin hammer mechanism is quite hard-hitting
  • The aluminum alloy housing is sufficiently durable
  • Quick switching is possible because of the forward/reverse switch
  • The long nose design makes it easy to access tight areas
  • This wrench is more compact and extra lightweight 
  • This wrench doesn’t have a rubber overmolding


This affordable air impact wrench can supply you with about 500 ft-lb of torque and free speed around 7000 RPM. Best meant for heavy-duty applications, this one is also quite durable.



We have brought you the most ultimate air impact wrenches in the American market. You need to select the right product according to the requirements of your job. See that your selected air impact wrench is capable of supplying sufficient torque for your application and whether it is adequately durable. One of the above is set to ease your efforts every time you head to the garage.

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