What does ISS on a drivers license mean? You Need To Know 2024

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ISS on a drivers license is the issue date of your license. That is to say when it was sent out to you. This date is often required on online services to validate your identification.

What should I do if my driver’s license does not have an ISS?

What should I do if my driver’s license does not have an ISS
source: https://www.dmvcalifornia.us/

Each state’s licenses will be different, but some will have the number somewhere on the card even if it’s not marked as ISS. Check along the sides of the card and at the bottom. It can also be encoded with a string of numbers.

For example, older Missouri licenses have a string of 12 numbers on the side of the card.

The first two digits are the year and the 6, 7 and 8th digits will be the day of the year on the Julian Calendar. So, for example, if we have a number 13473186053, the date would be; 2013 (first two digits) and 186 would be the Julian day which would be the 5th of July. A leap year will have a different code, so make sure you select the correct calendar.

If you have an older license, ask your local DMV if there is a way to get the ISS number off the card even if you don’t have a new ISS number.

How often do you have to renew your driver’s license?

Your photocard needs to be renewed every 10 years, but your actual driving license will be valid until you’re 70. After this point, you need to renew it every three years.

Other times you will be renewing your license if you are changing your address or name. Updating your license for any of these reasons is free. But if you lose your license you will need to pay a fine.

How do I get a temporary license?

By going to your local DMV. They handle all license and identification documents. You can also do so by phone or through some online services and they will mail it to you.

How long is a temporary license valid?

A temporary license is usually valid between 30 – 90 days. After that, the license expires and if you’re caught driving with it, you will be given a fine.

If your license did not arrive within the allotted time, you’ll have to get down to the DMV and request that they track the license and figure out where it has gone off to.

Can I go to a bar with a temporary license?

This really depends on the bar. Most local bars will let you in with a temporary license, especially if they know you well. Others will be far stricter and might not let you in without the photo identification. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

How can I get into a bar without an ID?

You don’t always need an ID document to get into a bar. US laws vary regarding acceptable forms of ID. You will have to look up the laws in your state to make sure your form of identification is acceptable. Overall, anything with a photo is usually fine.

Here are a few ID documents you can consider:

  • A passport or travel visa. But it must have a photo.
  • A driver’s license.
  • A state-issued non-driving ID.
  • A US military ID.

Can you get into Vegas casinos with a temporary license?

No. If you’re thinking of trying it, you’re going to plum out of luck. Vegas is overall very strict with ID checks, and their casino’s need to be as well.

In a casino, if you win a jackpot, they have to be able to ID check you. A temporary license or ID Document does not have a photo of you, so it’s difficult to determine if you’re really you.

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