Pioneer DMH-1500NEX Review: You Should Know

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Why do you need to invest thousands in speakers, subs, and amps if the job is even better with a stereo? You can achieve it with a single fix if you wish to get your car into a modern period. It doesn’t break the bank, best of all.

It is why I prepared the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX review. I know how many stereos flood the market. Another reason I wrote was to show you the good and the wrong side to determine whether it is good for you.

Twenty years ago, I didn’t know how people lived without Android Auto or Apple Carplay (Siri Eyes Free).  It is not only convenient to have apps today but to have safety features as well.

What is the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX?

The Pioneer DMH-1500NEX stereo is suitable for anyone with a smartphone. It’s a nice head unit to have if you want to be amused while driving. You’ll discover anything to spend time on from the different music applications through audiobooks and podcasts.

Regardless of your preferred music app (Spotify, Pandora control), this item will function. This digital receiver will help you to be safe if you are a conscientious driver. Calling without hands is standard. You can read text messages to read and answer them without even making you touch your phone.

Functions of Pioneer DMH-1500NEX

  • The brand Pioneer stands for high-quality audio. By installing this stereo, you get more outstanding sound quality immediately. You don’t have to invest in new facilities.  It gives the speakers additional power. They sound better and sharper with greater control.
  • Both Apple Carplay Android Auto are supported with the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX. You have to plug it in as this device is not wireless. It is a minor sacrifice to pay for all the amazing apps. 
  • No CD/DVD player; however, the FM/AM radio is standard. Furthermore, the head unit comes ready with SiriusXM. Add your account and your favorite shows you may enjoy. Your recipient can easily be personalized. You may also move around icons on your screen.
  • Last but not least, the 13-band graphic equalizer I’d like to note. This option helps you make the most of any song. This head unit Pioneer has physical buttons. It’s such a pleasure for them. Furthermore, it’s considerably safer than computerized ones because you keep your eyes on the road. This head unit could be the most remarkable double din head unit on the market for the money.

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX Features

  • Pioneer has launched another beautiful, functional, and yet budget-friendly multimedia receiver on the market. The latest Pioneer DMH-1500NEX 2-DIN receiver comes with a 7″ LCD touchscreen and tones. Here is a short review by Pioneer DMH-1500NEX to explore the new device.
  • The latest multimedia player of the renowned Pioneer brand includes a 7′′ customizable multi-color touch screen interface. Thanks to the backlit buttons beneath the display and small side bezels, the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX looks sleek. It provides a quality look to your dashboard.
  • The device may be easily installed in any double-DIN opening and quickly connected with an adaptor. The gadget is compatible with iDatalink Maestro and can display engine performance statistics on a wide range of automobiles.
  • The Pioneer DMH-1500NEX provides hand-free calling and music streaming features from Bluetooth, as anybody may anticipate from multimedia players at this price tag. It also has loads of other options to use your smartphone most on the drive.
  • The upcoming Pioneer DMH-1500NEX proof offers several connectivity choices, including USB input, rearview camera input, 3.5 mm jack input, RCA audio/video input, and six preamp outputs. The device also has an internal 14 watts RMS / 50 peak x 4-channels built-in amplifier.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

As noted above, it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But we do not say above that this unit does not support CarPlay wirelessly. However, suppose you have an iPhone or Android. In that case, you may use all the features, apps, and other items directly on the big touch screen stereo by connecting your phone to the receiver via USB cables such as Apple Maps or Google Maps, and Waze maps.

When using Google Maps and Apple Maps, the biggest problem is sometimes four fingers to drag and sometimes not. I don’t know exactly why. I do not know the specific reason. The other problem we encountered while using the map is that the navigation menu vanishes whenever you get a call. To utilize navigation again, you need to reconnect the device with the receiver.

Although most of the head unit has no Android or Apple car play at this cost, it is possible for you to wirelessly stream music through Pandora or Spotify with its incorporated Bluetooth that can support up to two devices at a time. There isn’t a default choice for Mirror Link. But you can utilize it only by using the HDMI HDMI RCA to RCA Converter and Lightning to AV Adapter to connect your phone to the recipient.

Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming

Stay cautious and comply with local Bluetooth legislation (HFP). It is easy to pair a Bluetooth with the DMH-1500NEX without complicated adjustments. If a registered Bluetooth device is close to the recipient, the automatic connection function pairs the two devices automatically.

Bluetooth wireless technology has made life much more convenient for the automobile, from the hands-free call, A2DP with artist, album and song search, simple pairing, and control music (AVRCP profile).

The Bluetooth-based DMH-1500NEX also features enhanced reception of call quality with Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6. The Wideband Speech almost doubles the bandwidth of the Bluetooth call frequencies (as opposed to calling without broadband talk). Other advantages include the ability to explore smartphone music libraries wirelessly.

A Better-Than-Ever Listening Experience

Pandora is a personalized web radio that helps you find new music you love mixed up with already known music. With the DMH-1500NEX, you can directly get more outstanding sound quality from the receiver’s touchscreen and complete control of Pandora’s experience in your car. You may give music “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” bookmark a song to buy, switch between your radio stations effortlessly and browse all track details and album cover.

Pandora is Apple iOS compatible with Android devices supporting Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). Just download your iPhone or Android device to the free Pandora Radio app.

Your Favorite Stations 

DMH-1500NEX is SiriusXM-Ready, allowing you to access more than 140 channels, including free commercial music, sports, live events, comedy, news, exhibitions, and exclusive conversation. SiriusXM programming is obtained via the SiriusXM Vehicle Connect tuner.

Connect a SiriusXM SXV300 tuner and gain extra features like TuneMix, SportsFlash, and Traffic and Weather Now. 

Power of Siri Eyes Free

Siri iPhone users can benefit from the capabilities of Siri Eyes Free. With a simple touch of a NEX touch screen, Siri begins to listen via the external microphone of the NEX unit. Then it responds to your questions and requests via the vehicle speaker, helping you keep your eyes and hands on the road.

USB Direct Control for iPhone

Pioneer’s DMH-1500NEX is ready to roll over to your iPhone directly for USB music and video connection. The information about song, artist, time, and album is wonderfully shown on the touchscreen.

The Wired USB connection allows the digital signal to be sent directly from the device for a clear and clean sound while maintaining an iPod / iPhone charged with 1.5 amp.

Enhanced User Interface

NEX is more advanced than ever before and boasts a responsive, powerful, and intuitive user interface that is quite easy to use and very adaptable. Of course, NEX is specifically developed for today’s smartphones and tablets. The NEX user interface has been improved with easier side-by-side layout adaptation, play/pause override operation, and larger artwork albums.

Stay Connected

Connect your iOS or AndroidTM compatible smartphone to NEX and bring many of your favorite apps to the dashboard. It enables you to converse utilizing powerful Bluetooth connectivity of high quality.

All NEX models have Bluetooth built-in, enabling both hands-free and audio streaming. NEX provides high sound quality and details during calls, including the newest Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6) with broadband speech capabilities. NEX even lets you navigate and choose the material stored with the AVRCP 1.6 profile on your smartphone when you stream music.

Sound Quality For All

The Pioneer NEX in-dash receiver offers good quality features, including a built-in auto-equator and alignment, a 13-band graphic equalizer with touchscreen settings, and integrated high-/low-pass overpasses with adjusting points and slopes. For Auto EQ functionality, the CD-MC20 microphone is required and is offered separately.

Your enjoyment of high-resonance audio doesn’t have to stop at the door. Enjoy your vehicle’s FLAC files without converting. Pioneer NEX in-dash receivers were the first in the industry to deliver files coded as high-resistance FLACs with a replay output of up to 192 kHz/24 bits and CD quality. Pioneer no longer restricts your high-resistance FLAC to your home Hi-Fi system – put your music on the move.

Why Buy Pioneer DMH-1500NEX?

  • This head unit is best suited for people wanting a large Touch Screen in their vehicle.
  • If you want the latest technologies such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • This double din receiver is also suitable for individuals who do not have a large budget
  • And for those who seek the latest accessories for their vehicles like iDataLink Maestro, Dual Backup Camera, and more.

Compatible Accessories

DMH-1500NEX is compatible with all vehicle equipment types. Some of the following are listed:

  • Maestro iData-Link
  • Camera Backup
  • Camera Dash
  • Tuner Sirius-XM XAV 300
  • Control of the steering wheel
  • RCA and USB cables
  • GPS Antenna Navigation and more.


Premium appearance design gives your vehicle a bright look.

The built-in quality microphone is great for calling quality.

Bluetooth connections also enable you to connect two phones simultaneously.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto works mostly with iPhone and Android devices.

Pandora and Spotify work wirelessly

Voice control works without delay via Siri Eyes Free

Remote control using this multimedia receiver is also provided


Do not support the quality of HD video.

The menu is automatically altered depending on whether you are using CarPlay or playing irritating music.

No built-in HD Radio, but Sirius XM compatible

Weblink is pretty slow.

Wireless Not supported by Apple Carplay/Android Auto, only function with USB


Pioneer DMH-1500NEX can provide you with basic and advanced features at a price range of 600 Dollars. It takes 10 seconds for Pioneer DMH-1500NEX to boot entirely. This stereo’s Bluetooth connection is rock solid, and the hands-free calling works beautifully. 

Good built quality, adequate audio dispersion, CarPlay, and robust Bluetooth connectivity make this unit the best multimedia recipient from other teams and significant for future improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pioneer DMH-1500NEX worth buying in 2021?

The Pioneer DMH-1500 NEX is worth purchasing for individuals keen to start utilizing a giant touchscreen or desire the newest technologies, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, with a high-grade sound system. It is best for people with a budget of approximately $600.

Will, it fit my car?

DMH-1500NEX is suitable for all cars with a double din dashboard. However, suppose there is a slight gap in your automobile dashboard that is roughly two by 7 inches. In that case, you need to make some manual changes with the assistance of a local professional.

Does GPS Navigation support Pioneer DMH-1500NEX?

Through built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you may use GPS navigation in the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX to navigate via Apple Maps and Google Maps. However, an offline navigation system is not supported.

Is it iPhone or Android compatible?

Its double din radio is fully compatible with almost all phones. It allows you to connect your phone to the receiver by a USB connection or wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

Does the backup camera support it?

Yes, the backup camera supports it. Pioneer ND-BC8 is the most OK backup camera for Pioneer DMH-1500nex. This Crutchfield camera is costly, but you can anticipate good video production from it.

How to upgrade DMH-1500nex pioneer firmware?

Click on the home button for firmware updates, go to the system option, and scroll down. You can find system information and click on firmware information. Then you may verify whether or not the firmware needs an update.

What is WebLink?

Weblink is the first official app in which users may use apps like Youtube, Zomato, and others installed on their phones. But you need a weblink app from AppStore or Playstore if you want it to be used within your automobile head unit.
How to obtain the installation manual for DMH-1500nex?
You may acquire this installation manual in PDF format.

How do I play Pioneer 1500NEX Youtube videos?

You can play YouTube videos in several ways, including Apple Carplay, Android cars, and weblinks. You have to connect your phone to the head unit or use Wi-Fi to play YouTube wirelessly over the web link to use this feature.

What does Pioneer mean by DMH?

The Digital Media Receiver stands for DMH. These head units are equipped with a giant touch screen with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and more.

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