Boss BN965BLC Review: Is It A Good Brand?

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For almost 30 years, Boss BN965BLC has been producing high-quality audio and video equipment. They provide cutting-edge technology for various products, including over 500 automobiles, marine, and power sports equipment marketed in 130 countries.

With innovative, fascinating products and dynamic customer programs, BOSS Audio Systems is ready to stand out. BOSS Audio Systems team comprises a diverse group of people from all over the world who hold their fingers at the pulse of today’s audio and video culture. It let the users create the most incredible sound for your journey.

When upgrading to a digital media receiver, not everyone wants to bring a full-fledged home theatre experience to their vehicle.

Some people want better performance, stream video (including movies and TV shows), and the convenience of navigation and HD radio without spending a substantial sum. The Boss BN965BLC is an excellent example of this.

The Boss BN965BLC is a rock-solid head unit with several surprises regarding power and performance up to its sleeve. Although not all the whistles and gloves that top-tier, super-premium (and almost prohibitively expensive) digital media receivers have, it is a pretty reliable head unit with many surprises.

Check out the rest of our brief review to learn more about everything the Boss BN965BLC has to offer.

Boss BN965BLC Review infographic
Boss BN965BLC Review infographic

What Does the Package Contain?

You can find all the following accessories in the gift package when you buy this device. And if not, contact the vendor to acquire this.

After opening the box, you will immediately locate the Double DIN 6.5 inch touchscreen head unit with integrated AM/FM radio tuning on the front and middle of your brand new Boss BN965BLC. 

They have a device that is already connected and intended to work on the 15 A fuse architecture, making it easy to install. This new digital media recipient has also included the cable connector necessary for operation. With AV/Pre-Out artists features integrated into it, it allows full cording support for accessories you may wish to add in the future.

A preinstalled trim-ring enables you to pop the BN965BLC directly into your dashboard. It works clean, sleek, very minimalist with any car interior. You can connect your navigation system immediately with a GPS (with a 10-foot-cable attached). 

Backup camera technology also comes with a built-in license plate bracket that can be swap in roughly five minutes with your existing license plate bracket. In addition, there is a 21″ power/video cable for a more straightforward installation of this crucial element, and you can run the wire on a 16.5-foot power/video extension cord in the box.

There is also a wire of 39 centimeters for the ground camera. In their baggage, you can find double-sided brackets, installation screws, rear brackets, rear support buggies, and other installation gear in your separate baggage.

Remote control and Touch Screen stylus compliment the other products you get inside the package when buying Boss BN965 BLC.

Key Features

  • Audio Streaming 

Audio streaming [A2DP] is Bluetooth technology, audio protocol. This protocol allows audio to transmit from your compatible device, such as a smartphone, wirelessly to your source device. In addition, it lets you enjoy your favorite music service or stream music such as Pandora and Spotify.

  • Bluetooth

Boss has Bluetooth BN965BLC compatibility, so you can make and receive stereo calls with your compatible phone. In addition, you may chat straight across the integrated microphone on the front so that you hear clearly from your calls. 

You can transmit music from your smartphone and use the receiver’s touchscreen to control essential playback functions.

  • Built-In Preset EQ.

The integrated Preset EQ lets you choose from preset EQ curves for various music types, including rock and POP.

  • Leading The Way

The receptor provides precise direction and vocal instructions for text-to-speech that proclaim actual street names on turns. For example, instead of “take the next right,” you will hear “turn right on Montague Street.”

Lane is guiding guarantees that you are in the right place for the following round and that you view 3D drawings of selected structures and sites for more certainty.

  • Pre-Amp Output

This unit allows you to expand your systems with a maximum of 3 amplifiers and signal processors for your front, rear, and subwoofer.

  • Port of SD. Memory Card

The full-size SD memory card socket supports 32 GB. It is suitable for music playback and picture and video watching (on source units equipped with a monitor). The majority of systems enable full-size SD card applications, although only micro SD cards are acceptable.

  • USB Charging

With an integrated 1A charger, your device linked to the USB can charge using this USB port unit.

  • USB Playback

The USB connector may be utilized for music playback, photo, and video viewing and supports a USB flash drive of up to 32 GB (on source units equipped with a monitor). Some devices have a small USB port but prepare with a converter for entire USB drives to play.

  • Wireless Remote Control

You may access the significant functionalities of your machine from the palm of your hand via a wireless remote monitor.

  • Video Output 

You can connect to the video input of external monitor(s), for example, headrests or overhead displays from your source unit directly. Video RCA Output: We recommend using a video signal amplifier to increase the signal for best image quality if you intend several video monitors.

Easier and more fit in double-din standard apertures. Accessories require depending on the car to install the kit, wire harness, and other aftermarket installations.

  • Steering Wheel Controls (SWC)

Our steering wheel control devices allow you to manage your steering wheel function with the buttons (if equipped). It provides convenience and safety by holding your hands on the wheel. A separate interface is necessary and available for sale. Use of the Metra ASWC is recommend.

  • Switchable Tuner

With the selectable tuner function, you can change the tuner for radio transmissions in the US or European countries.

  • Rear-View Camera Included

The 6.5″ screen can easily be viewed with a license-platform mount for Boss’ rear-view camera. When you move into the reverse, the image is instantly enclosed, or the camera view can access via the stereo. 

In the blind spots, you can look at surrounding automobile bumpers and other dangers. The stereo display is then returned to its previous screen once you’re out of place reverse. The BN965BLC includes the input of the camera and all wiring needed for installation.

  • ID3 TAG

ID3 Tag enables additional data such as title, artist, album, track number, and much more to be stored and displayed in the audio file.

  • ESP

ESP is a feature that buffers the CD during play and stores five seconds of music. When disc readings disrupt, the player uses the stored data temporarily until the tracking circuit sees the passage for continuing performance on the CD before the interruption.

  • RBDS Tuner

The Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS), equivalent to the Radio Data System (RDS) protocol, provides radio display information, including the station name, programming format. 

It allows broadcasters to send a 64-character communication that will scroll around your radio screen with things such as sports scores, song titles, artist’s or album titles, traffic, and news.

  • Built-In Navigation

Easy to use GUI with maps of all 50 countries and a predefined interest point in Puerto Rico. The text provides you not only with visual instruction but also vocal guidance each turn.

  • Built-In DVD Player

The included DVD player allows you to play the formatted discs of DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, VCD, JPEG, and WMA.

  • Touchscreen Control

This unit’s features and operations can be controlled using a digital touchscreen TFT Widescreen display panel with a unique graphic interface. You can access the control functions of your device with our touch panels only by touching on the parts you want to utilize.

  • Aux Input

The Aux Input permits you to connect to an external device’s audio output, such as an MP3 player or a smartphone, to enable you to enjoy the music on your system.

  • AV Input

The AV Input lets you connect to an external device’s video and audio output to enjoy audio and video content through your system.

  • Digital LCD

The digital display uses the most up-to-date LCD technology to produce vivid and colorful graphics. The BN965BLC has a large, attractive monitor. You may easily view the accompanying maps of the United States (excluding Hawaii) and Puerto Rico.

 Whenever you need a break from the road, you’ll have millions of options to pick from it.


Playback Of Media:

  • DVD ± R / RW video is available
  • CD ± R / RW audio & video is available
  • Mp3 playback via Bluetooth/DVD/CD/USB/Sd card


  • Bluetooth audio streaming is available
  • Bluetooth hands-free is available
  • Phone book access is available
  • Profiles supported by Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Inputs & Outputs:

  • Front panel with USB PORT
  • Front panel with AUX-IN
  • Front panel with SD PORT
  • Rear A/V input, front 3.5mm A/V input;
  • There is a rear camera input available.
  • 6-channel outputs of the pre-amp front, rear, and sub
  • Video output: 2

Performance & Controls:

  • Total power output: 320 watts (80 watts x 4 ch)
  • Last position memory is available
  • One bit d/a converter is available
  • Esp (electronic skip protection) is available
  • The wireless remote control is available
  • Steering wheel control (*interface not included) is available


  • Gps navigation is available
  • Screen size: 6.5″
  • Touchscreen is available
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Switchable tuner frequencies in USA, Europe
  • Rbds tuner is available
  • Tuner preset: 18 FM / 12 am
  • Selectable preset eq is available
  • Id3-tag information is available
  • The clock display is available
  • Chassis type: double-din

Mounting Measurement:

  • Width: 7″
  • Height: 4″
  • Depth: 7″

Panel Introduction

  • Eject Key

Press EJECT to remove the disc while there is a disc in the drive. If you don’t take the disc away, press it again.

  • MODE Key 

Press system MODE selection mode to radio/disc/phone/input/camera/navi/pictures/aux-in/avi/videos-music.

  • NAVI Key 

Press GPS function to enter or back GPS media.


To turn on/off the device for a long touch. Short touch for MUTE function activation and the audio output quiet. To restore sound, touch again. Turn to adjust UP or DOWN output volume.

Unit Installation

Three steps to install the unit are provided

  1. Put on the right and the left side of the unit the two brackets.
  2. Use screws to attach the unit’s brackets.
  3. The brackets can be adjusted either forwards or back according to the installation requirements once the screws are fixed.

Compatibility Between Apple And Android

Unfortunately, the Boss BN965BLC does not enable Apple Carplay or Android Auto connectivity as of right now (late 2019).

It could be something that Boss decides to fix in the future with a firmware upgrade. First, however, you will control your phone or mobile device running iOS or Android operating systems

Through the BN965BLC digital media receiver, you will not be able to use Apple Carplay or Android Auto, as well as other features found in competing head units.


The Boss BN965BLC provides the ideal balance of power, performance, and pricing.

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation.

Inputs for video

Support for mp3/FLAC

Input via MicroSD/USB

Sub-control and adjustable crossover locations on pre-amp outs

The ability to use nav/DVD


Boss UI isn’t as user-friendly or helpful as Google Maps.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s certainly not as good as it could be.

Android Auto and Apple Carplay do not operate.

Long download times.

On USB input, the resume is not available.

There is no support for CD-Text.

Order of the USB folders.

On the port, USB 1.1 speed is available.

To get to balance/sub-control, you’ll have to take a few extra steps.


The Boss BN965BLC is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Double DIN digital media receiver. But at the same time, they want a significant boost from their factory car radio.

As we mentioned earlier, it isn’t the most expensive digital media receiver on the market right now. But, at the same time, this unit offers good value for money, is simple to install and expand. Also, it is a dependable system with a three-year warranty that you will not want to neglect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use the Boss BN965BLC to control my phone by voice?

With this digital media receiver, you will be able to control your phone completely. Without ever trying to remove your hands from the steering wheel, you can make phone calls, send SMS and emails using voice-to-text features, and watch movies and listen to music.

Is the BN965BLC compatible with steering wheel controls?

Some, but not all, automotive manufacturers support the Boss BN965BLC for steering wheel controls. It might be a bit hit-or-miss.

Can the Boss BN965BLC play Blu-ray Disks?

Currently, for this digital media receiver, there is no Blu-ray disc functionality available. CDs and DVDs can play, however. You can also play media off your phone or tablet, SD memory cards, USB sticks, and other devices.

Does the backup camera automatically trigger the video feedback?

When installing this backup camera, it will automatically trigger the video feedback on the 6.5-inch LCD whenever you put your vehicle in reverse. The video feed cuts and the display reverts to the previous screen as soon as you exit reverse mode. All of this occurs without the need for you to mess with any controls.

Is it possible to make calls with your hands-free and control your media?

Yes, when you connect your phone to this digital media receiver through USB, you will be able to make hands-free calls and control your media.

Where can I get the Boss BN965BLC installation manual?

You may download a PDF version of this installation guide on a variety of websites.

Does the GPS antenna function in the same way as Google Maps does?

If your car doesn’t already have a GPS, the BN965BLC includes a GPS antenna. Also, complete support for OEM GPS antennas and pre-wired systems is available. Although not nearly as good as Google Maps, the navigational UI is sleek and uncluttered.

Is it possible to transfer GPS maps via Bluetooth with this device?

Unfortunately, this option does not support screen casting. Bluetooth is primarily used for audio, such as music. A built-in GPS with preloaded maps is included.

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