Sentury Touring Tires: Review & Buying Guide 2024

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From entry-level to high-value models, Sentury Tire is gearing up to get its own share of the global tire market pie. It’s most recently ranked as the 50th largest tire company in the world. It serves both the automotive and aviation industries.

In particular, its touring tires are designed to cater to different types of vehicles, from passenger cars and minivans to sports vehicles.

If you are looking for a low-cost replacement for your repair and maintenance needs, you can learn more about this selection below.

Who Made Sentury Tires?

Sentury Tire is the manufacturer behind the Sentury Touring Tire. This company is a subsidiary of the Sentaida Group Co. Ltd, which was established in Eastern China in 2008. It has grown into several brands, including Delinte, Landsail, Pantera, and GroundSpeed.

Starting with passenger tires, Sentury Tire is within its third phase of product and operation development. 

It plans to deploy a full range of summer and winter tires for various vehicles, among which are sports utility vehicles (SUVs), crossover utility vehicles (CUVs), vans, and even aircraft. It also wants to deliver A/T and M/T tires, which stands for all-terrain and mud-terrain tires, respectively.

Where Are Sentury Touring Tires Made?

These tires are manufactured in the company’s main facility in Qingdao, Shandong, China. 

In 2015, Sentury Tire added a factory in Thailand to its portfolio, which was pegged to produce 12 million units per year. 

In the United States, the manufacturer inked a deal to put up a factory in LaGrange, Georgia. The reported target production initially put the expected capacity at 10 million units.

Between 2015 and 2018, the company said it was able to increase its annual capacity to 18 million. It is set to reach 48.08 million annual capacity by 2022.

Is Sentury Touring a Good Tire?

The touring tires from Sentury can be good for you if they align with your needs. How good it is will depend on its compatibility with your car. To evaluate this model, we suggest you go through the detailed product review under the section “Why Choose Sentury Touring Tire?”

Further, you can compare its various features with those of other models in its category. You can do the same with name brand solutions, but the latter may hold a competitive advantage over this one.

Essentially, you can check out the five-rib tread pattern, which gives this unit its identity.

What Are the Brands Under Sentury Tire?

Aside from the name Sentury Tire, this company sells tires under four different brands. Get to know each one and see if something piques your interest:

  • Delinte – This brand focuses on providing off-road solutions and staggered fitments. It blends high performance with progressive designs. According to Sentury Tire, a team of European technology experts leads the creation of the tires under this brand. 

Its lineup is composed of a wide range of tires that accommodate CUV, light trucks, performance, SUV, and touring needs of drivers. An older model, the DX9, became popular among buyers. Recently, it seems the D7 is the one gaining attention.

  • Landsail – This brand puts a premium on research and development and quality. Its array of tires that are built for performance, as well as off-road capabilities. Nothing less is required when you are servicing aircraft units. By extension, this level of excellence is poured into the creation of passenger tires, SUVs, CUVs, and light trucks.

Here are some of its popular products:Sentury Touring Tire Review

  • Pantera – This brand employs the latest innovations in its factories. Its facilities are fully automated, powered by state-of-the-art technology. It is also Sentury Tire’s representative to the Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG), which is led by major regional tire retailers in the United States.

Pantera tires are competitively priced, delivering value and performance through its wide range of products and sizes. Its specialized offerings are categorized under All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, and Highway-Tread tires.

  • GroundSpeed – Deeply rooted in the local tire manufacturing sector, GroundSpeed adds a world-class touch to the tires within Sentury Tire’s lineups. Its Voyager series has various models, each focusing on specific purposes. 

You can run the extra mile with their exceptional performance and stylish construction. Select from all-season performance touring, all-season ultra-high performance, highway-terrain, all-season SUV and crossover, all-terrain, and mud-terrain tires, among others.

Why Choose Sentury Touring Tire?

Sentury Touring tires are one of the offerings from the global tire manufacturer of low-cost options. Here are the several factors you need to consider when shopping for this tire.


Highlighting this model is its five-rib tread pattern, which enhances your vehicle’s wet and dry road traction. You will find the center rib sporting grooves that give you more stability. Braking, cornering, and handling are improved. 

Further, the tread uses  computer optimized pitch tread sequence, which helps reduce external noises. This leads to a quieter time on the road.

Available Sizes

To find the right fit, you need to know the size your tires should come in. When you purchased your car, you might have already gathered this information. Some of the common sizes that Sentury Touring Tire caters to range from 14 to 18 inches. You can find several options for each of the sizes spanning 14 to 16 inches.

Here is a non-exhaustive list based on Consumer Reports data:





















Tire Warranty

When it comes to warranty miles, these touring tires offer up to 40,000 miles. You can find, though, that this may not be consistent. Some find that their tires can still run up to 50,000 miles. Others may experience early wear, before hitting the warranty miles.

Warranty miles is an important detail to check when you’re buying a tire. This refers to the estimated miles your tires can travel before requiring replacement. Some manufacturers or models do not give tread wear or a mileage warranty. But this one does.


This model comes with a T or H speed rating, which refers to the average speed the tire can handle in any given terrain. Ideally, you can run this one on and off freeways. It can reach a top speed of 130 mph without losing steam. This is enough for some people as it already goes beyond the allowed speed limits in most places.

Do not expect grand touring capabilities, though. If you are a racing enthusiast, this may not deliver the speed you require. This one may be enough for your daily driving, especially if you are dealing with unpredictable weather (wet or dry).


This quality is a tricky one to consider. You hear a lot about how touring, all-season tires are supposed to have good traction on wet and dry roads. However, you won’t want too much traction, as this can also pose some problems. You must look only for what you need, which is enough traction to keep you safe on the road.

As for this Sentury Tires offering, you can expect exceptional handling for your sedan, coupe, or SUV. It has adequate traction to give you confidence when you are driving on wet, dry, or snowy roads without compromising speed.


Touring tires put a premium on performance. This priority even comes before comfort. So, you need to know how it works to ensure you are aware of the cons.

Let’s see what details to pay attention to for this tire type. You must pay attention to them for your complete investigation and comparison. 

Touring tires are usually all-season as well. This combines the capability of the tire to last long, deliver a smooth driving experience, and yield predictable handling with wet and dry traction. This type works well for sedans, coupes, minivans, and sports cars.

This model can perform up to this standard. This means it can provide safety for the drivers and passengers on the road no matter the weather conditions. It lets you feel secure when you are passing through wet and snowy roads. Just make sure you live in an area where the winter does not reach harsh temperatures and features.

This one can reach 130 mph without any issues, which is above most legal speed limits. If you are seeking grand touring performance, this is not the one to bank on. But combining everything else it can do, this product seems to get a slightly high score.


This option is also known as a discount tire for the seasonal price slashes it gets, especially during holidays. But that’s the cherry on top! It is already cheap to begin with. Yet, the manufacturer manages to make it low-cost without bringing the product’s performance. 

It does not end there. This touring tire is joined by the other models and lines from the company in delivering pocket-friendly choices for a wide array of vehicles.

Those who drive sedans, minivans, and SUVs, among others, can take advantage of this affordable cost and buy a set of this model.


This Sentury Tires offering boasts of quality performance. It is an affordable touring tyre that dishes out value-adding features for drivers of sedans, couples, minivans, and SUVs. If you are replacing your OEM tires, you should consider this one. It has enough traction to keep you safe on wet, dry, and snowy roads.

As all-season tires are great on the road, you can also rely on a quiet ride when you’re steering a set of this model. However, it may not be used off-road and in areas where you experience extreme icy snaps.

This product is manufactured mostly in China. But the manufacturer is reported to have factories in other Asian countries, as well as in the United States. If you are looking for a reliable replacement set that does not break the bank, the Sentury touring tire should be on your shortlist.

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