Westlake Tires Review in 2024

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With a reputation for making cost-effective tires for multiple purposes, Westlake Tires has managed to stay relevant. The company has been dishing out cheap yet decent-quality replacements to original equipment. 

This business model has brought the brand to the attention of customers who seek low-cost solutions. But those who have just heard about it may be wondering if it’s worth the money and effort.

We’re excited to share the results of our research about this company and its offerings. We were curious like you, so we dug into the details. Now, all you need to do is read our findings.

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Who Makes Westlake Tires?

Westlake Tires™ products have been around for decades. They’re made by Zhongce Rubber (ZC Rubber), a manufacturer that is based in Hangzhou, China, and started operations in 1958. To date, it is the largest tire company in China, with presence and distributors around the world, including Canada and the United States. 

Other brands owned by ZC Rubber include Goodride and Chaoyang.

Although Westlake tyres are not OEM, they are chosen as replacements for their affordability and quality. Those who resort to used tires may be hindered by the high cost of brand-new premium tires. But why go for refurbished or retread tires if you can access budget-friendly and quality unused ones?

In the next section, we will look quickly at its tires aimed at passenger cars and light trucks. And then we’ll check what to consider about them, keeping in mind the pros or cons.

Westlake Tires Reviews: What are the Best Models?

1. Westlake SA07 Sport Performance Touring TireWestlake SA07 Sport Performance Touring Tire

Designed for passenger cars and crossovers, the SA07 Sport is an all-season performance touring tire. It blends long treadwear with effective handling even in light snow. Responsible for wet traction performance and longevity is its symmetric tread design. This features four wide circumferential grooves and tread blocks with cross-grained siping.

Responsive handling and stability are credited to the contact patch provided by the center rib. In turn, these result in enhanced traction and cornering. The siping pattern generates more grip by creating an extra surface area. With reduced noise, this model can give a smooth ride all year.

The SA07 Sport covers V, W, and Y speed ratings. It caters to various sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches. It is also backed by a 45,000-mile warranty to ensure long-term satisfaction, a win for its under $100 price.


  • It performs in most conditions, including light snow.
  • Its symmetric tread design improves wet traction.
  • It delivers stability and responsive handling.
  • It can create more grip for better traction and cornering.
  • Its tread wear is competitive in its price category.


  • It may not last as long as a higher-end model.
  • Its sidewall may be prone to tearing.

2. Westlake RP18 Radial Touring Tire

Westlake RP18 Radial Touring Tire
Westlake RP18 Radial Touring Tire

The RP18 Radial Touring Tire is the other all-season option from the brand. It focuses on improving treadwear and traction. It sports four circumferential grooves and tread blocks with multiple lateral cuts to establish better footing for the tire. These same features allow for effective water evacuation on wet pavements.

The tread design you find also improves tire rotations, which can help prolong the tire’s lifespan. If you need a step-up from the cheap retread options out there, this one can serve as a superior replacement for your OEM tire.

Purchasing a set is a good idea as a unit costs only under $50. This spells out savings for budget-conscious consumers. Plus, the 45,000-mile tread warranty is decent enough. Without noticeable wear, it can work as an all-year performance tire for various vehicle types with a speed rating requirement of T, H, or V.


  • Its grooves and siping allow for a better grip.
  • It works in wet, dry, and light snow conditions.
  • It improves tread wear for a long-lasting, smoother time on the road.
  • It improves tire rotations.
  • It is cheap enough for bulk-buying.


  • It may be noisy.
  • It can be prone to flats.

3. Westlake SL309 Radial A/P TireWestlake SL309 Radial A/P Tire

This entry is suitable for something like a light truck or sports utility vehicle (SUVs). Its circumferential ribs can handle heavy-duty highway driving. It promotes better stability, traction, and steering response. The tread blocks are staggered to ensure greater tire-to-road contact and water dispersal.

Whether you take your truck on a smooth or rugged drive, the steel-belted construction expands the load you can handle. And the variable pitch tread works to lessen the noise that the tire produces.

With a 40,000-mile limited tread warranty and a Q speed rating, this is the top pick from the brand for your light-duty truck or SUV. It comes in 15 to 18 inches. And it retails at around $100, which is considered mid-range.


  • It increases tire-to-road contact for improved grip and tire-to-road friction.
  • It has good stability and steering response.
  • It lets your truck handle heavy loads.
  • It is an affordable alternative to OEMs.


  • It may cause some vibrations when you speed up.
  • There is an inconsistent trend when it comes to balancing the tires.

  • Are Westlake Tires a Good Tire?

Interestingly, the tires from this brand provide good value for various purposes. There are several models to explore here, so you can expect the best models to perform in terms of grip, handling, tread wear, etc.

They’re mostly all-season tires that do a decent job in light snow conditions. For their price, they are surprisingly good, especially as an alternative to retread tires.

  • Where Are Westlake Tires Made?

The tires are made in the main factory of ZC Rubbers in Xiasha, China. According to some reports, the parent company also holds factories in Thailand and Taiwan. These are then exported to different countries, including the United States. These tires are officially distributed by Tireco in the U.S.

How many miles can a Westlake tire hold?

Depending on the kind you’re getting, the maximum is 50,000 miles, and the minimum is 40,000 miles. 

For cars, you can get as high as 45,000 miles. This is the mileage warranty for the tire tread in this category.

Meanwhile, for the light-duty trucks and SUVs, you can get a value between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. 

Some outside projections reveal that these figures can be exceeded, reaching up to 55,000 miles.


Westlake Tires, both the brand and the products, may not be as popular as the likes of Cooper. Yet, its tires have some promising features to offer buyers. They are brand new and cost less, better than used tires that retail at about the same price points.

If you’re looking for an alternative for your passenger car, you can take a look at SA07 Sport Performance Touring Tire and RP18 Radial Touring Tire. For your light truck or SUV, your search can end with the SL309 Radial A/P Tire, which delivers value and quality.

These offerings are no match for those coming from tire brands such as Michelin or Goodyear. They’re not competing with the big names after all. But for a brand-new solution that solves low-budget concerns, our Westlake tire reviews find that they may be the ones you can rely on.

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