Best Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500

7 Best Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500

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It is important to keep the stuff in your truck bed secure. A tonneau cover is the best way to secure your truck bed. This safety cover is available in many peculiar styles that are offered by even more numerous brands. This overwhelming shopping fiasco can be greatly eased by our intervention. We have reviewed hundreds of tonneau covers to come across the best ones for your vehicle. 

Never again fret about not being able to make the right choice. We have brought you some of the best Tonneau covers for Ram 1500. Now you’ll never have to worry about leaving your truck unattended. Get yourself one of our most popular, highly-reviewed, and widely trusted options. 

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best Tonneau cover for Ram 1500

1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011

best tonneau cover for ram 1500

This is regarded as one of the best quality tonneau covers. It is especially well-known for its excellent functionality and quality design. The most significant feature of this cover is its high-quality material. 24 oz marine-grade vinyl is a very sturdy, durable, and reliable material for the construction of tonneau covers. Two layers of this material are coated over an aluminum frame. This unique construction ensures that the cover is strong and lightweight at the same time. 

This tonneau cover is also well-known for its special stainless steel clamping system. This system makes the installation process all easier. Even in bad and extreme weather scenarios, the protection availed by this cover is mind-blowing. Also, there are efficient crossbars that bow to adequately support the vinyl cover. 

Best made for Dodge Ram 1500, this cover will also fit all such cars produced between the years 2002 and 2018. Dodge Rams built between the years 2002 and 2018 are best compatible with this cover. Moreover, the rear latches make it quite easy to open this cover. The tri-fold structure further enhances the ease. Once properly folded, this cover is secured with safety buckles. 

Weighing at 32 pounds, the fleetside of this cover can measure between 5.8, 6.5, and 8 feet. Your gas use can reduce by as much as twelve percent with the use of this cover. 

  • This cover fits the Ram 1500 very well
  • Weighing at 32 pounds, it is supremely lightweight
  • The design of this cover is excellent and strong
  • The quality of build and material is very high
  • This cover is quite durable and supremely reliable
  • It is also very easy to install
  • This cover can be conveniently washed in an automatic car wash
  • Users report that the material of the cover is thinner than they has expected 


This superb quality tonneau cover is extremely protective and will guard your cargo against the harshest weather conditions. While being particularly hard, it is also very lightweight.

2. Tonno Pro 42-200

Tonno Pro 42-200

This popular Tonneau cover from Tonno is excellent in quality and supremely effective in saving your cargo from the ill effects of harsh weather. This is made to perfectly fit the Dodge Rams built between the years 2002 and 2018. This tonneau cover is hard, strong, and very reliable. At the same time, it is quite affordable too. 

This is a tri-fold cover and is meant to perfectly fit beds that are 6.5 inches in size. Special 24.5 vinyl polyester fabric has been utilized in making this product. This fabric covers a lightweight aluminum frame. This frame is coated with black powder as a protective means against corrosion. As compared to other materials, vinyl is most resistant to tearing. This is amongst the reasons why the company has given a ten-year warranty for this product. 

The tough nylon connectors further ensure that the cover is rightly kept in its place. All the more, the installation of this cover is very easy. Unlike most other tonneau covers, no drilling is necessary. This cover utilizes a snap clip style fastening system to make the installation relatively quick. 

The tight Q seal helps in achieving the perfect sealing. Overall, the gas consumption of your vehicle will be lowered by thirteen percent with the use of this cover. Best of all, you get four useful products on the purchase of this cover. These include a Sure-Seal Tailgate seal, a Pro Clean vinyl cleaner, Pro Gloves, and Tonno Torch detachable LED light. Weight at 32 pounds, it is also very lightweight. 

  • This tonneau cover is supremely easy to install and remove
  • The structure of this cover is very strong and durable
  • This cover lets you attain more gas mileage than any other cover
  • The flexibility of this cover is remarkable
  • Many useful products accompany the package
  • The design of this cover is exceptional
  • Users report that the clamps for this cover aren’t sufficiently tight
  • This cover also generates some noise while the vehicle is moving


This is the best choice if your bedside measures 6.5 inches. The sealing system for this cover is excellent. The installation and removal are both easy.

3. Truxedo 245901 

Truxedo 245901 

This is amongst the most durable contenders on this list. This one can be easily regarded as the utmost comfortable and reliable tonneau cover. This sleek cover is not just good in appearance, its structure also tends to improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle by raising the bed by 1.5 inches. The improvement in aerodynamic characteristics is as much as ten percent.

The material of construction for this excellent cover is leather-grain fabric. One must note that its design does not include the arched bows that are often considered customary. Moreover, the installation process for this cover is very simple. No special tools are required and it only takes about twenty minutes. Simple clamps are utilized to attach the bed cover to the Dodge Ram. Also, there are velcro closures along the upper rail to hold the cover tight. 

You’ll be amazed how this sleek looking cover is capable of protecting your cargo against the harshest weather conditions. This cover also allows you to roll the cargo through a dual latch system. Note that this cover is 5.7 inches in size. It can be easily washed by hand. The company provides a five-year warranty on purchase. Also, weighing at 24 pounds, this cover is quite lightweight. 

  • This quality tonneau cover is extremely simple to use
  • The materials of construction are very high in quality
  • The sealing system is very efficient and super tight
  • You are provided with a detailed instruction manual to utilize the cover with ease
  • The fit of this cover is amazing
  • This sleek-looking cover is also very durable 
  • Users report that this cover tends to damage the vehicle’s paint when rolled up


This sleek and attractive cover is quite tough and durable. Its comfortable roll-up feature provides more accessibility in the bed space. Also, it is very protective against extreme weather conditions. 

4. UnderCover FX31004

UnderCover FX31004

This is probably the best quality lightweight tonneau cover for Dodge Ram 1500. Built to tolerate just any natural hindrance, this will protect your cargo at all costs. The most astounding feature of this cover is its ability to effectively protect the cargo on your bed and to enhance the aerodynamic characteristics of your truck. As a result of this, your truck’s gas mileage can boost by about ten percent. 

This cover is also very easy to fold. The additional props on both sides of the cover render additional support. There are also straps and buckles along with a lock rod to best adjust the hard-cover. Furthermore, the installation process is quite easy. No drilling is required. Simple clamping can effectively secure the cover. Rest assured that this cover will tolerate a temperature drop as much as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Also, it fits a vast variety of Dodge Ram models. Made out of fiberglass reinforced polymers, this cover is exceptionally durable. Weight at just 4.38 pounds, it is excellently lightweight. At the same time, this cover is sufficiently strong and resistant to denting. 

  • This tonneau cover has an amazing fit
  • The quality of build is excellent
  • This cover is quite solid based on its construction out of fiberglass reinforced polymers
  • The design of this cover is amazing
  • This tonneau cover is very comfortable in the utilization
  • The company provides excellent customer service
  • Users report that this cover cannot be sealed in a proper manner 


This quality tonneau cover is exceptional in providing as many as three riding positions. While being extremely lightweight, it can protect your cargo against every kind of damage by a change in the weather conditions. 

5. MaxMate Premium Fleetside Bed 

MaxMate Premium Fleetside Bed

MaxMate has produced the most reliable Tonneau covers for Dodge Ram 1500. The excellent quality hardcover is exceptionally flexible and can be easily installed on any bed with a 6.5-inch fleetside. 24 oz marine grade vinyl has been utilized to make this hardcover incredibly tough. Two layers of this sturdy material are coated upon a very reliable aluminum frame. Overall, this cover is essentially lightweight.

Best of all, the installation is superbly easy. No drilling is required because of the pre-assembled crossbars. Simple clamps have been utilized to attach these crossbars to the rails. A detailed instructions guide provides all the necessary information regarding installation and use. Even the removal process is considerably easy. 

Not only does this cover keep your cargo safe from damage by harsh weather, but it also ensures its visibility in the darkness. This is possible because of the special LED lights on the cover. Weighing at 32 pounds, it is also sufficiently lightweight.

  • This cover is supremely easy to install
  • The customer reviews are very impressive
  • The quality of this product is amazing
  • The fit of this cover is perfect
  • The design is mid-blowing
  • This cover doesn’t make any unnecessary noise while the vehicle is in motion
  • It is adequately sealed to protect any damage from intruding water
  • Users report that the clamps are at times difficult to close 


This hard tonneau cover is excellent in quality. It seals the cargo relatively well and protects it from all kinds of damage.

6. Bak Bakflip G2 

Bak Bakflip G2 

This top-quality heavy-duty cover offers the best in class durability and the ultimate protection of cargo against harsh weather conditions. Made out of sturdy aluminum panels, this cover is quite solid. The panels are also powder-coated for protection against damage by corrosion. Also, this cover is resistant to UV damage.

Unlike many others, this cover is capable of holding cargo as heavy as 300 lbs. No matter how heavy the snowfall is or how intense the storm, rest assured that your cargo will be incredibly safe under this cover. While this may not be the most lightweight cover, it is still easy to install. Moreover, it is excellent in appearance.

  • This heavy-duty tonneau cover can hold a large amount of weight
  • The security features of this cover are mind-blowing
  • The excellent quality of construction grants it amazing durability
  • The appearance is quite esthetic
  • This cover is very easy to handle
  •  Users report that this cover is not quite easy to handle 


This is the best hard heavy-duty tonneau cover on this list. Made in the USA, it can handle about 300 pounds of cargo. 

7. Gator ETX 

Gator ETX 

This softcover is still capable of availing valuable protection against extreme changes in weather conditions. Made in the USA, these covers come with a lifetime warranty. They are essentially lightweight and quite soft in design. This tri-fold cover is made out of high-quality leather-grained material. This extremely reliable and tear-resistant material will certainly enhance the security of your cargo.

Moreover, the premium weather seals of this cover serve to protect it against the harshest weather conditions. These are made of foam rubber and effectively protect your cargo against damage by water. It is superbly easy to install this tonneau cover. It can be easily mounted on top of the bed rails. 

  • This sleek and strong tonneau cover is especially soft
  • It is very easy to install this cover
  • It employs a heavy-duty vinyl material and a sturdy frame
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty for this product
  • The perfect seals protect your cargo against water damage
  • Users report that the latching mechanism for this cover is not so stable
  • The clamp screws are not quite solid


This top-quality soft tonneau cover has been made in the USA. Well-designed for heavy-duty purposes, the company provides a lifetime warranty for this product.


We have brought you the best quality tonneau covers for your Dodge Ram 1500. You’ll never again have to worry about your cargo getting damaged by the fluctuations in weather. Get yourself one amongst these highly rated tonneau covers for top-class protection and unmatchable style.  

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