Best Tires for Ram 1500

The Best Tires for Ram 1500 (2023 Review)

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Your powerful Ram 1500 deserves the best quality tires. You will not be able to experience the real excellence of this vehicle without them. The utmost comfortable drive and real control over the movement of the vehicle are only attained when the tires are right. Moreover, only a good set of tires can brave any harsh change in weather conditions. Best of all, good quality tires also remain functional for a relatively long time. 

There are so many seemingly wonderful options that choosing one set of tires is exhausting. We have simplified your task by sampling some of the best selling, best rated, and best-reviewed tires in the American market. We have brought you the best tires for Ram 1500.

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best tires for Ram 1500

1. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R

best tires for ram 1500

These are the best quality mud-terrain tires you can get. As compared to the usual tires that employ steel in their construction, Goodyear Wrangler MT/R is five times as strong. This is essential because of the special combination of silica tread compound and the asymmetric tread design. This powerful and aggressive tire is resistant to puncture. Its excellent quality manifests in the amazing response to cornering forces. 

Moreover, this tire is self-cleaning. The unique and advanced mud-flow geometry has been incorporated in the tread design so that the stepped in and stepped out shoulder blocks serve as mud contenders. Furthermore, the special wrap-around treads greatly improve the traction of these tires in mud, dirt, and gravel. 

No matter what the weather situation, these tires are always set to take over the path. As a matter of fact, these tires will also reign over the absence of a path. The authentic M+S symbol on the sidewall signifies that this tire is fit for use as a mud tire. 

  • These tires have superb cornering stability
  • The responsive steering of these tires is excellent
  • These tires are mud-repellant and can sustain all weather conditions
  • The durability of these tires is mind-blowing
  • These tires create more unnecessary noise 


These self-cleaning powerful mud tires by Goodyear are the dream of every offroading enthusiast. These powerful tires are set to brave any sort of weather condition and any type of path. 

2. Cooper Discoverer HT3 

Cooper Discoverer HT3

These are regarded as the best highway all-season tires in the American market. That dreamy smooth drive along the highway is only attainable with quality tires like these. The most significant feature of these tires is the interlocking 3D micro-gauge siping. This feature greatly enhances the stability of these tires and increases their overall responsiveness. 

You’ll be amazed by how easily these tires conquer roads be it winter, rain, or however slippery the road may be. This is essential because of the zigzag sipes. One must note that these tires lack all hydroplaning because of the four wide circumferential grooves. The exceptional comfort is rendered to these tires by the single-ply nylon caps along with the pair of steel belts in the internal structure. This factor also adds to its promising durability. 

The durability of these tires is further enhanced by the presence of an asymmetric pattern and the silica-tread compound. The presence of the continuous shoulder ribs results in an even wear over an extended period of time.

  • These tires operate very smoothly and are very comfortable
  • The superb design of these tires enables them to brave every weather condition
  • These tires can operate smoothly even on slippery roads
  • The stability and responsiveness of these tires is mind-blowing
  • The internal structure of these tires is superbly sturdy
  • The four circumferential grooves eliminate hydroplaning
  • These tires are amazingly durable and will wear out evenly over an extended period of time 
  • These tires are unsuitable for offroading purposes


These are the best highway all-season tires and are amazingly stable and smooth. Meant to operate smoothly even on slippery roads, these tires are superbly comfortable and very durable. 

3. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus 

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus 

These are the utmost comfortable all-season tires you can get. The most significant feature of these tires is the presence of a unique UNI-T-AQII technology that results in even wear and tear. The excellent durability of these tires is influenced by very interesting factors. When these tires heat up after a long drive, their dual-layer tread compound tends to harden. This makes them very comfortable and supremely sturdy. 

Also, there is no creation of unnecessary noise because the treads are symmetric. Furthermore, these tires render unmatchable stability to your truck because of their special notched shoulder blocks and continuous center rib. The enhanced responsiveness also enables maximum control over your drive. Rest assured that these tires will take your Ram 1500 over dry, wet, and snowy roads with minimum hassle. This is mainly because of the wide circumferential grooves and notches.

The internal structure of these tires has been reinforced with twin steel belts along with spirally wound nylon. This factor takes the durability of these tires to another level. The special polyester cords in these tires ensure that their sidewalls will wear out in an even manner. 

  • These tires are unbelievably comfortable because of the special UNI-T AQII and UNI-T construction technology
  • The tough internal and external structure allows even wearing of these tires
  • The fuel economy of your vehicle will be significantly improved
  • These tires are wonderfully responsive to steering
  • These tires don’t produce any unnecessary noise
  • These tires have exceptional stability
  • They can function smoothly on any type of road
  • Users report that these tires are difficult to brake in the ice 


These exceptional tires are utmost comfortable for touring in all seasons. Their durability is excellent and the stability is impressive.

4. BF Goodrich T/A KO2 

BF Goodrich T/A KO2 

These are the most ultimate all-terrain tires for use on rural roads. Driving un tarmacked could prove dreadful. These sturdy tires are equipped with a thicker sidewall rubber compound to brave such paths. All the more, there are also twin steel belts with the nylon plus special tri-grad polyester to add wonders to the durability.

The interlocked tread blocks on these tires have been set up with a unique computer-optimized molding compound for maximum traction on wet and icy roads. This factor provides unimaginable comfort and an exceptional noise-free operation to these tires. Moreover, the protruding rubber blocks on the sidewall makes it easy to cruise on rocky and snowy paths with minimal hassle. 

The unique interlocking design also makes these tires resistant to tears, cute, and chips. This further improves the stability of your ride. This exceptional performing ability is signified by the snowflake symbol on the sidewall. Furthermore, the motion of these tires is considerably eased by the specially raised mud buster bars on the shoulder tread portion. 

  • These tires provide the utmost stable rides because of these unique design and construction
  • The use of exceptional quality compounds in their construction has made them very durable and long-lasting
  • These tires are totally reliable for an exceptional all-terrain performance
  • Your rides will be unbelievably comfortable on all terrains
  • Users report that these tires cannot be used beyond their tread wear limit 


These amazing quality tires by BF Goodrich provide unmatchable comfort even on un tarmacked and snowy roads. These are very stable and quite durable.

5. General Grabber A/TX 

General Grabber A/TX

These are often recommended as the strongest all-terrain tires in the American market. You can comfortably traverse every kind of road and even access the most challenging tracks off the road in all good shape. These tires are specially meant for use on highways, dirt roads, and light snow. 

The special absorption layer under the treads of these tires absorbs shocks very well. This ensures that your ride will be supremely comfortable. These tires are equipped with the unique DuraGen technology along with the presence of two steel belts and two-ply polyester casting to render the ultimate toughness. Note that these tires are resistant to damage by chips, cuts, and punctures. 

Rest assured that the presence of mud will never slow down your drive. There are alternating shoulder blocks along with stone bumpers to expel the intervening rocks and dirt. Moreover, the multi-angle tread blocks allow you to gain full control over the motion of your Ram 1500. This exceptional control is also aided by the presence of deep treads on the tire surface. 

  • The sturdy internal construction of these tires makes them extremely tough
  • The sidewall is also very sturdy
  • These tires are resistant to damage by cuts, chips, and punctures
  • These can be comfortably driven on all types of terrains
  • These tires are supremely comfortable and utmost durable
  • Their stability and responsiveness is also amazing 
  • Users report that this tire does not wear out evenly 


These superbly sturdy tires by General Grabber are made for the most comfortable rides on the toughest terrains. These tires are amazingly resistant to damage by chips, cuts, and punctures.

6. Michelin LTX M/S2 

Michelin LTX M/S2

These are probably the best highway tires on this list. They are especially well-known for offering unmatchable traction and grip on the road. You can drive these tires on the driest and the wettest roads with ease. It has been noted that these tires also work really well in snowy and gravel conditions. However, their use in offroading may be limited. 

Although, these tires can offer the most mesmerizing rides on the road. The unique MaxTouch construction helps in promoting reliable traction on the road by distributing the force evenly. When the vehicle is accelerating, this traction avails of mind-blowing performance. Also, these tires have a relatively shorter braking distance. 

Best of all, you can freely utilize these tires for towing and hauling. The symmetric design of the independent tread blocks is made out of high-quality and high-density Active Sipes. These provide sufficient traction even in wet conditions. Also, there are multiple lateral grooves for the best water evacuation. 

  • These tires are meant for the smoothest drives on the highway
  • Their mind-blowing traction renders the smoothest performance
  • These tires can also be utilized for loading and hauling
  • The drive will be noise-free
  • These tires cannot be used for offroading 


These best quality tires are perfect for traversing highways in the utmost smooth manner. They possess the most reliable traction.

7. Cooper Discoverer HTP 

Cooper Discoverer HTP

This is the best option to consider if you want to get good quality tires without investing a whole lot of money. These are meant to avail the best possible traction and the utmost comfortable rides at a very reasonable price. The exceptional levels of traction and grip are the result of the asymmetric tread design. All the more, the handling at the corners of these tires is mind-blowing.

The serpentine sipes and the special biting edges provide excellent control even in wet conditions. Unlike most other budget-friendly tires, these are very noise-free and will not let you notice a small imperfection in your way. The company also offers a 65000-mile warranty.

  • These tires are very budget-friendly
  • These tires will avail you comfortable rides in dry as well as wet conditions
  • Your drive will be quite noiseless
  • The company provides a 65000-mile treadwear warranty 
  • These tires cannot be utilized for offroading 


These economical tires are yet high-quality and avail excellent traction. They provide utmost comfort while driving on the highway and are very well-featured for their price. 


We have brought you the most widely trusted tires for Dodge Ram 1500. Not only are they reliable, but all these tires are also very durable. These are meant for your utmost safety and an overall comfortable driving experience. Select the right one based on your priorities and never again feel a bump on the road.

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