Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review 2024

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Who is Kelly? 

With new names popping out of nowhere, it is understandable if you haven’t caught up with most of them.

But if you’ve missed the news about Kelly before, it’s time to pay attention to it now. This brand is connected to one of the trusted manufacturers on the market – no less than Goodyear. 

And the Kelly Edge A/S tire is one of its representative models on the low-end side of things, showing promise in its category.

Hop onto this review of this all-season performance tire, and learn more about the company, too, while you’re at it.

Who Makes Kelly Edge A/S Tires?

Kelly Tire has been in business for almost 90 years. It was acquired by Goodyear in 1935. However, these two brands have cultivated their own following. The latter is known for its premium offerings. But as the parent company of the former, it can target budget consumers without necessarily reducing the price of its tires.

With Kelly, Goodyear is able to create a brand that responds to the demand for low-cost, high mileage options. If you’ve heard about the former recently, it’s probably because of its rising popularity among millennials, the largest segment of buyers to date. It’s their consumption behavior that’s currently driving market movements. And Kelly is well-placed to deliver.

Are Kelly Tires Good Tires?

Under the Kelly Edge lineup, there are actually several models to choose from. When it comes to the A/S version, you can expect year-round service that is typical of all-season tires. However, it is quite reductive to say that it is good when there are multiple factors to consider first. 

For instance, compatibility plays a huge role in determining if Kelly Edge A/S is a good tire. But generally speaking, those for whom this tire is suitable may find value in its traction and durability. Its pricing is also a plus. Yet, you may want to delve deeper into its A/S profile. While it can tread on light snow, it is not built for extreme winter conditions, unlike dedicated winter tires.

How Many Miles Do Kelly Tires Last?

According to Consumer Reports, the A/S can last up to 60,000 miles. This is fairly high for its price category. The average range among the ones we encountered is 40,000 to 50,000 miles. So this is definitely one of the best choices out there.

However, if you consider actual mileage, customer reviews reveal that you can get as much as 50,000 miles from this model. Still not bad. Most tires do not reach their maximum mileage as well, especially cheaper versions. A/S’s 50,000 miles can still be way ahead of the others’ mileage after the final analysis.

Why Choose Kelly Edge A/S?

Let’s look at various factors to assess whether or not this tire model is the right match for your vehicle.

Tire Compatibility

The Edge A/S is suitable for many types of automobiles. Its tire sizes are compatible with about 80% of all available passenger vehicles on the market. If you’re looking for a low-cost tire without compromising mileage, you can entrust your everyday driving with this model.

Some enthusiasts may find it limiting that this all-season tire is not designed for light trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Yet, others who are more adventurous explore the possibilities and outfit their outdoor-bound rides with this one. We do not recommend this practice, though, so proceed at your own risk if you are so keen on trying it.

For your peace of mind, you can consult this list to know the correct action course to take. Likewise, you can check with Goodyear if it’s good enough to purchase for your car. The site will give you suggestions based on your vehicle type, license plate, or tire size. Please enter your information accordingly.

  • Acura TL
  • BMW 1351, 330i
  • Chevrolet Malibu, Cobalt, and Cruze
  • Dodge Neon
  • Fiat 300
  • Ford 350
  • Ford Focus, Taurus, Mustang, and Fusion
  • Honda Civic
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Kia Optima, Rio
  • Mazda 3
  • Nissan Cube, Altima, Maxima, Leaf, and Versa
  • Pontiac Grand Prix, Vibe, and Grand Am
  • Subaru Legacy, Outback
  • Suzuki SX4
  • Toyota Prius, Sienna, Camry, Avalon
  • Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, Touareg
  • Performance in Dry Conditions

Acceptable performance in dry conditions is a known advantage among all-season tires. When it comes to this factor, Kelly Edge A/S is consistent with the other models in its category. Its tread blocks feature biting edges that facilitate a strong grip on dry surfaces. This function results in handling and traction that does not disappoint.

Responsive steering can be achieved on pavements during warm weather. You may not also experience braking issues, especially on rougher roads, such as gravel. However, take note that the performance of all-season tires in dry conditions is not as stellar as that of summer tires. This is because the former needs to balance traction on light snow. 

The key is to use it only among smaller and more fuel-efficient sedans. This technique can ensure excellent alignment and delivery. Meanwhile, outfitting larger vehicles means a higher demand for these tires. They may not be able to keep up, which can then affect their output.

Again, compatibility considerations should complement your expectations when you make this the deciding factor for your purchase.

  • Performance in Wet Conditions

Part of the balancing act of all-season tires is their reasonable performance in wet conditions. They are designed to hold traction on damp to slippery roads, preventing your vehicle from skidding. This type of tire is an ideal companion when you’re driving through light snow or rain.

With the A/S, you can maintain your road contact with the directional grooves dispersing water as you go over puddles. This tread block design allows the tire to work consistently throughout the ride. Your sedan or economy car can benefit from this advantage.

Given these functions, this model reduces your car’s risk of hydroplaning. It will push back the water while increasing its grip on the road surface. This is an important factor because some drivers may panic when they lose a bit of control in such an instance. When this happens, they may brake or accelerate suddenly, which can cause accidents or problems.

Again, while A/S tires exhibit strength in dry conditions, it is best to employ them in moderate climates and driving conditions. When you live in an area where winter is harsh, you may want to switch to a winter tire instead.

  • Value for Money

Practicality is a major point of consideration, especially for millennials. This generation is out to get the most affordable product that, at the least, gives them their money’s worth. It doesn’t matter if it’s the cheapest option. For as long as the low-cost option can deliver high-quality performance, the millennials are in.

This makes the Edge A/S a good year-round option for them. It is the budget brand of premium tire maker Goodyear. Its common sizes come in prices that range between $80 and $100 per tire. And they fit economy cars and sedans. This is the kind of tire that you can buy in bulk.

Regardless of the generation, this model also caters to less-than-serious car enthusiasts. These people do not require much. Less than 150 mph works for them. If they happen to be budget-conscious buyers as well, then it’s a perfect match. 

  • Ride Quality

Overall, this tire offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It dishes out that airy feel while you drive down the road. This can make you forget about the road and focus on navigation. You can even enjoy the view if you are cruising along a country highway. 

Setting apart this tire is its stability, coupled with its soft profile. This takes off the challenge of steering the wheels as if you are journeying off-road. With this unit, you can pass through bumps and cracks without noticing all of them. For its price, this option does not skimp on the necessary features in this department.

One word of caution, though. Those who own a vehicle that needs low rolling resistance, such as an electric car, should take a hard pass on this one. Apparently, it has a higher rolling resistance. But with the right car, it may not make such a negative impact on your ride quality.

  • Off-Road Performance

If you’re taking your vehicle away from the highway, this may not be the best option for you. It may already have occurred to you that this is not possible, given this model’s ability to accommodate only smaller sedans. This is not a big deal, as all-season tires are not expected to excel off the grounds.

So, if this is a make-or-break factor for you, check out the AT All-Season Radial or the Wrangler Duratrac instead. Either model is engineered to cover most terrains, even the rough ones.

Remember, the A/S edition is more suitable for less demanding vehicles.

  • Durability

Accepting that cheap tires may not last you as long as premier ones is a given. The mindset behind this behavior is that if they go bust, you can always replace them with new ones. Plus, it won’t hurt as much once you believe they’ve performed according to your money’s worth.

In this case, the A/S can be prone to early wear. And it is not just because it’s cheap but because it has a softer profile. Still, you can keep it on the road for as far as 50,000 miles. This mileage is pretty reasonable for its category. In fact, most buyers already find it good enough for their everyday driving needs.

Everything boils down to aligning this tire with your preferences and priorities, as well as vehicle compatibility.

What Other Options Does Kelly Tires Offer?

Kelly Edge A/S Review
  • Charger GT – An all-season high-performance tire, the Charger GT has reliable traction on wet and dry surfaces. Its tread compound sports unique Z-shaped grooves that help improve its handling and cornering grip. This one works best with coupes, sedans, minivans, and some SUVs.
  • Edge HP – The HP comes from the same lineup as the A/S. It is designed for higher performance while serving drivers all year. Speed up with this model, relying on its tread’s continuous center rib for remarkable stability and steering response. It is most suitable for coupes, sedans, and crossovers.
  • Explorer Plus – Here is another all-season option that caters to drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans, and some SUVs. It delivers improved wet and dry traction while maintaining a smooth and refined ride. Further, it reduces your risk of hydroplaning with its deeper lateral grooves.
  • Safari Signature – This is the brand’s entry for the highway all-season category for SUVs, crossovers, and pickups. It presents all the qualities you want in an all-season unit, such as dry and wet traction, wet handling, cornering grip, and responsive steering. Yet, best of all, it has an improved tread life for a stronger and more durable time on the road.
  • Safari ATR – This model is aimed at on-road and off-road drivers. Its all-terrain tread compound not only evacuates water from the grooves but also eject rocks from them. It is also pretty quiet. It is perfect for SUVs and pickups. Use this if you live in an area where gravel roads make it difficult to travel.


Among the cheapest tires so far, Kelly’s Edge All-Season Tire is proving to be a competitive choice for those who own economy cars and sedans. These less demanding vehicles can benefit from its decent dry and wet traction, acceptable mileage, and reasonable ride comfort.

It is not meant for driving in extreme cold snaps, though. But it should give you a good year of painless driving if you deal only with light snow in your place. 

Further, if you want to make a tire great, you should back it up with excellent customer service, which you can also get on top of the value-for-money features.

Lastly, we cannot stress enough how you must ensure these tires fit your vehicle. Everything should fall into place from there. If these aren’t the tires you’re looking for, don’t forget to check out the rest of Kelly’s offerings, which we enumerated for you right above this section.

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